50+ Guten Free Fourth of July Food Ideas

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Get your all-American gluten free 4th of July recipes so that you are ready for all of those summer parties and barbecues. From grilling to salads and sides to red, white, and blue treats, you’ll be enjoying these patriotic food ideas from Memorial Day through Labor Day, including the fabulous Fourth!

collage of fruit salad, grilled steak, hamburger, deviled eggs, broccoli salad, and strawberry shortcake

Gluten Free Fourth of July Food Ideas (for Memorial Day and Labor Day too!)

When you are planning your menus for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or Labor Day, what are you thinking? Cool sandwiches and salads for a picnic? Snacks and treats for the beach? Burgers and hot dogs for a barbecue? Or popsicles and red white and blue sweets for dessert?

Well, I think I can help you out with lots of 4th of July food ideas and recipes galore. And yes, they are all gluten free!

50+ Gluten Free 4th of July Recipes

Gluten Free Appetizers and Snacks

Let’s get the party started. And the best way to do that is with some finger foods everyone can grab and munch on while they say hello to friends and family.

A closeup of a Deviled Egg garnished with paprika and dill with more blurred int he background on a platter.

Healthy Deviled Eggs

This picnic classic is made without mayo, using Greek yogurt instead. But they are still nice and creamy with the zippy flavor everyone loves.
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Chef Salad on a Stick appetizers on a wooden platter with a bowl of honey mustard.

Chef Salad on a Stick

Turn the classic salad into a cool and easy finger food perfect for dunking in your favorite dressing or dip like an easy Honey Mustard Dip. Just roll up deli meats and cheese and thread them on a toothpick with lettuce tomatoes, and cucumbers.
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Baked BBQ Turkey Meatballs

Apple Cider BBQ Turkey Meatballs

Sweet and savory and perfectly tender, kids and adults are sure to love them. Baked in the oven and then slathered in barbecue sauce, they are ready in less than 30 minutes.
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A hand dipping a tortilla chip into layered Mexican dip.

Mexican Cheese Dip

Just layer 4 ingredients and bake until hot and melty. Then rip open that bag of tortilla chips and get ready to scoop up ooey gooey layers of cheese and salsa.
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Ants on a Log ingredients on a kids snack board

Ants on a Log Kids Snacks and Veggie Platter

One of the all-time favorite kids snacks is super fun when you turn it into a kid-friendly version of a charcuterie board. They can DIY their favorite combos.
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Don’t forget the veggie platter and chips with these favorite dips:

Gluten Free Grilled Main Dishes

No collection of 4th of July recipes would be complete without something to toss on the grill. You can go with basic burgers and hotdogs, but maybe you want to level up your barbecue. Just make sure you have gluten free hamburger buns and gluten free hot dog buns.

French Onion Stuffed Burgers

French Onion Stuffed Burgers au Gratin

Turn your basic grilled cheeseburger into something totally epic. Inspired by the classic French Onion Soup au Gratin, stuff those caramelized onions inside a juicy beef hamburger on a gluten free bun and pile all the gooey cheese on top.
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sliced grilled flat iron steak on a white serving plate with bowls of side dishes behind it

Honey Balsamic Marinated Flat Iron Steak

The flavor-packed five-ingredient balsamic vinegar marinade gives this grilled flat iron steak a sweet and smoky crust and a tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture.
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Grilled chicken dinner on a plate with cooked potato slices

Grilled Lemon Herb Yogurt Marinated Chicken Breasts

So juicy and flavorful from a simple and versatile Greek yogurt marinade with only a handful of basic ingredients. Just toss the yogurt marinated chicken on the grill and get ready for dinner.
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Two hot dogs in buns topped with buffalo ketchup, bacon, and crumbled blue cheese

Buffalo, Blue Cheese, and Bacon Hot Dogs

You’ll be Top Dog when you load those franks with homemade spicy buffalo ketchup and plenty of smoky bacon and crumbled blue cheese. Just grab some gluten free hot dog buns.
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Balsamic vinegar reduction is drizzled over grilled steaks topped with alternating slices of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes.

Caprese Filet Mignon Steak

A simple and creative way to dress up some amazing grilled steaks. After cooking your steak on the grill, top it with juicy tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, and balsamic for a summery flavor treat.
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Grilled Greek Beef Kabobs on a dinner plate with rice, hummus, Zoodles Greek salad, and tzatziki on top of a red placemat and a blue cloth napkin with white flowers.

Beef Souvlaki – Greek Steak Kabobs

Take a trip to Greece without going any further than your own backyard! Just thread steak and vegetables on skewers and let them soak in an easy marinade for a burst of fresh Mediterranean flavors.
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a bit of sauce dripping over the edge of a glass jar full or bourbon barbecue sauce

Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Whatever you are grilling, be sure to slather on this tangy sauce. Smoky and sweet, this rich and thick sauce is so easy to make but next-level deliciousness.
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More grilling recipes:

Gluten Free Summer Salads and Sides

The Fourth of July menu isn’t complete without side dishes. From cool salads to hearty beans and potatoes, there is something for everyone.

A white serving bowl of Healthy Apple Broccoli Salad with Walnuts and Cheddar

Healthy No-Mayo Apple Broccoli Salad

A no-mayo vegetarian version of the classic picnic side dish. Made with Greek yogurt plus walnuts and cheddar cheese, you get an extra burst of flavors, protein, and crunch.
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Three bean salad in a blue bowl with a wooden spoon.

Three Bean Salad

This hearty and healthy vegetable side dish is made with a medley of green beans, kidney beans, and chickpeas in a zesty homemade vinaigrette. It's a staple at summertime parties.
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healthy coleslaw in a bowl

Maple Dijon Apple Coleslaw

Crisp and creamy with juicy apples, dried cranberries, and a maple Dijon dressing made with Greek yogurt give it a delicious sweet and savory flavor we can all love.
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Cheddar Bacon Ranch Potato Salad

Made with Greek yogurt instead of mayo, and it packs in all of your favorite flavors. You don’t even need a Ranch dressing seasoning packet – just simple ingredients from your pantry.
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A spoonful of semi homemade baked beans scooped out of a white corningware dish

Semi-Homemade Baked Beans

These will have family and friends begging for the recipe. All of the flavors of slow-cooked beans, but none of the effort in a semi-homemade version of the classic barbecue side dish.
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White bowl of Foil Pack Potatoes

Campfire Potatoes

Simple and buttery, this is a side dish recipe you can enjoy any time, anywhere. That’s because you can toss those potato foil packs over the fire, but also in the oven or on the grill.
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small bowl of fruit salad with chopped strawberries, blueberries, and watermelon stars surrounded by red ad white star napkins and a blue stripe cloth napkin

Red, White, and Blue Berry Fruit Salad

Fresh berries and watermelon stars are perfectly patriotic for the 4th of July and all of the summer holidays. Tossed in a light honey-lime dressing, it’s sweet, healthy, and delicious
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A white bowl of Cucumber Tomato Feta Salad on a table with red cloth napkins.

Cucumber Tomato Feta Salad

It is light, fresh, and made with just a few basic ingredients that give it a burst of bright Mediterranean flavors. Tomatoes and cucumbers are tossed in a simple dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, and oregano.
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More salads and side dishes:

Gluten Free Summery and Patriotic Desserts

Don’t let the celebration end without 4th of July dessert recipes, especially ones in the colors of red, white, and blue, plus gluten free too!

Overhead shot of two watermelon fruit pizzas topped with yogurt and berries plus a bowl of sprinkles

Red, White, and Blue Berry Watermelon Fruit Pizza

A fun and healthy no-bake dessert for the summer that the kids will love to make and eat. When you use your favorite berries and some festive sprinkles you have an easy red, white, and blue sweet treat for a hot day.
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A fork digging into the corner of a slice of gluten-free s'mores pudding pie on a blue plate.

S’mores Pudding Pie

Combine the classic campfire treat with a chocolate cream pie for one amazing dessert recipe. Fill your crust with creamy and rich Hershey’s milk chocolate pudding and top it with fluffy toasted marshmallow meringue.
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several cupcakes in red foil and blue foil wrappers with layers of red, white, and blue frosting

Gluten Free 4th of July Cupcakes

These patriotic treats are made with all the flavors of the classic rocket pop popsicle. With blue raspberry, lemon, and cherry frosting, this red, white, and blue dessert is fun to bring to your summer parties and barbecues.
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Two Halves of a Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie on a Plate Beside Three Metal Forks

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

There might not be a more classic all-American dessert than chocolate chip cookies. These are buttery with just the right amount of chocolate. Make a double batch to share with friends!
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A slice of gluten free strawberries and cream cake on a turquoise plate with a fork and the whole cake in the background.

Strawberries and Cream Gluten Free Cake

Layers of white cake with fresh strawberry filling and whipped cream come together for a totally heavenly dessert recipe. It doesn’t get any more simple and perfect than this classic combination.
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two gluten free strawberry shortcakes

Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake

Celebrate summer in style with a classic dessert recipe that combines soft buttermilk sweet biscuits, juicy strawberries, and homemade whipped cream into one ultra-satisfying treat.
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Mini fruit kabobs each with a blueberry, a piece of pound cake, and a strawberry on a toothpick set out on a wooden platter.

Red, White & Blue Berry Pound Cake Bites

A simple summer dessert recipe that you can make with your favorite store bought or homemade poundcake, even gluten free or low carb. Dunk them in fresh whipped cream, or whipped coconut cream for a vegan option.
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A stack of sopapilla cheesecake bars is shown on a plate drizzled with honey.

Gluten Free Sopapilla Cheesecake

With layers of flaky pastry, creamy cheesecake, cinnamon sugar, and a drizzle of honey, these are hard to resist. And it makes a big batch perfect for a party.
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More All-American Desserts:

Then don’t forget some Skinny Grapefruit Margaritas or Pina Colada Mules!

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