Easy Gluten Free Dinner Recipes with Few Ingredients

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5-Ingredient Dinner Recipes are sure to make your life easier, whether you are short on items in your pantry and fridge or short on time. These quick and easy meals are family-friendly, fast, and happen to be gluten free. And these dinners are all made with five ingredients or less (plus maybe a little olive oil, salt, and pepper).

And in this collection, you’ll see the five ingredients listed under each photo. So then you can click over and get the full recipe once you know you have everything you need!

Gluten Free Easy Dinner Recipes with 5 Ingredients or Less

What do you make when you are running low on groceries? How about when you don’t have a lot of time?

I rely on what I call my back-pocket meals. These are dinners I can make with just a few ingredients. And usually, I have made them so often I don’t even have to look at a recipe.

Since each of these dishes has no more than five ingredients (plus maybe some oil, salt, and pepper), they can definitely become your favorite go-to meals in a time crunch or at the end of the week when the food inventory is running low.

Of course, if your main dish is super simple, you need sides that don’t require a lot of ingredients or time either. Try some of these gluten free ideas (all items on my list of gluten free ingredients):

Mix and match with these dinner recipes with few ingredients to make fast family-friendly meals without needing a laundry list of items or a trip to the grocery store!

20+ Gluten Free Dinners with 5 Ingredients or Less

Not counting olive oil, salt, and pepper, each of these easy dinner recipes has no more than five ingredients. Perfect for when you are short on time or items in the fridge, freezer, and pantry. Making a delicious, healthy, and gluten free meal for the family just became simple and excuse-proof!

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