Are Potatoes Gluten Free?

A starchy root vegetable that’s been grown as a staple crop for thousands of years, potatoes are a filling and nutritious source of many vitamins and minerals. Plus, they’re naturally gluten-free!

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What Exactly Is a Potato?

First grown in the Andes Mountains in Peru thousands of years ago, potatoes took off like crazy when they were brought back to Europe and Asia. And they show no signs of slowing down – today, potatoes are one of the top 5 produce items in America.

Potatoes belong to a group of root vegetables called tubers. Although all root vegetables grow under the ground, tubers are special because they grow from the end of the roots, instead of the roots growing out of them. This means you can get more than one tuber from each plant.

Considered a starchy vegetable, these tubers are high in complex carbs. Complex carbs are healthier than simple sugars because they’re more nutritious and they take more time to digest, making you feel full for longer. Potatoes also offer vitamins and minerals that help keep your digestive system healthy, protect your cells from damage, and even work to control your blood sugar levels.

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Can You Eat Potatoes on the Gluten-Free Diet?

Absolutely! Since they’re a root and not a grain, these tubers are a naturally gluten-free source of starch. It doesn’t matter what kind of potatoes we’re talking about. Every variety is gluten-free, including sweet potatoes, so feel free to go crazy in the produce aisle.

If there’s any gluten in a potato dish, it was added somewhere along the line. Just be careful to keep track of the ingredients when you make or eat this root vegetable in any form. Anything from soy sauce to certain thickeners can add unwanted gluten to your recipes.

Especially beware of packaged foods that contain potatoes. While the potatoes themselves are gluten free, there could be other gluten-containing ingredients or the product may be manufactured in a facility that handles wheat, so there is a cross-contamination risk. Be sure to learn how to read labels on a gluten free diet and, if in doubt, contact the manufacturer or just skip it.

What About Potato Flour?

Potato flour is a great gluten-free alternative to regular all-purpose flour. Just make sure to buy from a brand that doesn’t process their potato flour using the same machinery as grain-based flours. This information shouldn’t be too hard to find online, and sometimes you’ll even see it listed on the packaging.

Although potato and all-purpose flour can be substituted 1:1, just be aware that the leavening process, which is what makes bread rise, doesn’t work quite as well with potato flour. So, if you substitute wheat-based flours with potato flour, your baked goods might not rise as high. You might want to look for recipes that call for this kind of flour specifically, which will already take this change into account.

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Are Cooked Potatoes Gluten-Free?

Cooking these tubers doesn’t change their gluten content. They’re still gluten-free unless you prepare them with other ingredients that contain gluten. Since recipes rarely call for potatoes cooked by themselves with no added ingredients, make sure to be careful when you’re following recipes that you haven’t tried before. Some sources of gluten don’t necessarily come from the things you’d expect.

Raw potatoes cut into cubes on a cutting board.

Easy Gluten-Free Potato Dishes

Since I follow a gluten-free diet myself, most of the potato dishes I make are naturally gluten-free. Check out these great options if you want some recipes that are guaranteed compliant.


A classic side to pair with a tender and juicy marinated steak like this Sundried Tomato Balsamic Flank Steak, baked potatoes are so easy to keep gluten-free without sacrificing flavor. These hot and buttery baked potato recipes are a great thing to have in your back pocket.

a baked potato on a plate with a fork


Sour cream gives these Instant Pot mashed potatoes a smooth texture and tangy flavor, which helps cut through the sharpness of the garlic and chives. They’re creamy, buttery, and they go great with juicy, meat-focused mains like Balsamic Beef Pot Roast With Mushrooms. You can even drizzle some of the juices left in the pot over the top as a gravy.

mashed potatoes in a bowl topped with a partially melted pat of butter and minced chives on a blue dish towel with two russet potatoes next to it

French Fries

Typically fried in oil, as their name suggests, not many people can resist these crispy potatoes. But you can make them healthier, easier, and less messy by making oven fries or using your air fryer. Then get ready to dunk them in ketchup or burger sauce and enjoy!

air fryer french fries in a blue cup next to a dish of ketchup

Potato Salad

A staple at garden parties and potlucks, classic potato salad is a healthy, creamy side dish that’s ridiculously easy to make in the pressure cooker. Using greek yogurt instead of mayo gives it a delightful tanginess that really brings out the other flavors. Just make sure you don’t use any add-ins that might contain gluten.

Instant Pot potato salad in a serving bowl garnished with parsley

Cheesy Hashbrown Potato Casserole

This cheesy hashbrown casserole makes an excellent addition to any breakfast or brunch spread. Serve it alongside bacon, toast and fried tomatoes for a classic selection of breakfast foods. But there’s no rule that says you have to eat it in the morning! It also goes great with dinner or lunch.

part of the baking dish with a baked hash brown potato casserole

Cheddar Bacon Ranch Roasted Potatoes

With a homemade ranch that’s guaranteed gluten-free, these flavorful roasted potatoes are bursting with crunchy bacon bits and sharp cheddar cheese. Cooked in the oven to tender perfection, they make a great side for any meal. I especially like pairing them with Pulled Barbecue Chicken. The flavors mesh so beautifully!

Serving dish with ranch roasted ptoatoes

Skillet Hash With Buffalo Chicken

Loaded with veggies and tender chicken breast, this hash is practically a whole meal by itself. It’s definitely packed with enough vitamins and minerals, and it’s wonderfully filling too. Plus, it has a nice kick of warm, spicy flavor that’s sure to leave everyone wanting more.

Buffalo Chicken Hash with Potatoes, carrots, celery, and blue cheese