45+ Gluten Free Spring Dessert Recipes

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Gluten Free Spring Desserts are the perfect sweet treats to celebrate the season! It’s time for all things strawberry and lemon and coconut and bright and cheery and, of course, super yummy. Whether you are looking for gluten free desserts for Easter, Passover, Mother’s Day, or just treats that make you happy the sunny, warm days are upon us, check out these gluten free spring dessert recipes.

Gluten Free Spring Dessert Recipes

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Gluten Free Spring Dessert Recipes for Easter, Mother’s Day and More

When the weather begins to warm up, springtime desserts come into season with their light, fresh, and usually fruity flavors. I mean, chocolate never goes out of season, but ingredients like lemon, strawberries, and even carrots become way more abundant when making spring dessert recipes.

If you need to keep wheat products and gluten out of your diet, you aren’t just stopping by the local bakery to pick up some sweet treats. So I’m sharing some amazing gluten-free spring desserts with you.

What’s on the list of gluten free spring desserts?

There are favorites like cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and bars, each of which has been tested to be a tried and true gluten-free treat by using ingredients like almond flour, brown rice flour, coconut flour, or even gluten free flour blends (like Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1, which is my go-to).

Crumbles and crisps can often be made using certified gluten free oats and nuts, eliminating the need for flour altogether, just like in flourless cookies.

Puddings and jello molds are naturally gluten free, as are warm-weather favorites like ice cream and sorbet. And once it’s just too warm to light the oven, any of these gluten-free no bake recipes will be perfect!

Whether you are planning your gluten free Easter desserts, a Mother’s Day menu, a bridal or baby shower, or just want to treat friends, family, or yourself to something sweet, I’m sure you’ll find a recipe or three you’ll love in this collection of spring desserts.

Gluten Free Spring Desserts

Find all of your favorite springtime flavors in these tasty treats. From totally indulgent to healthier options, no bake to epic cakes and cookies, there is every possibility to satisfy your sweet tooth. Bursting with lemon or berries or coconut or other deliciousness, but without the gluten, you won't be able to resist these spring dessert recipes.

Lemon Desserts

The bright flavor of lemon always adds spring to your step. You'll love these citrusy treats!

Berry and Strawberry Desserts

Get started with your favorite berry desserts in the spring and then enjoy them all summer long. Everyone loves these sweet treats.

Coconut Recipes

Perhaps it is because it makes you think of warmer days ahead, but coconut desserts abound in the spring. Enjoy it paired with tropical fruits, chocolate, and more.

More Gluten Free Spring Favorites

From bright colors to fresh flavors, here are some more sweet treats that are popular in the springtime.


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  1. I love how light and fresh springtime desserts are! Great round-up – going through the list there are are least 10 things I want to try, starting with that Chocolate Covered Cherry Green Smoothie. Thank you so much for including me!

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