Easy Gluten Free Appetizer Recipes

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Don’t miss out on the best part of the party food! These Gluten Free Appetizers will ensure you can enjoy all of your favorite finger foods, dips, and more. There are easy recipes you can make for the holidays, game day, or your next get-together as a delicious addition to any celebration!

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Easy Gluten Free Appetizers

Appetizers are a large part of any party or holiday gathering. Sometimes they are a little nibble to hold you over until the big feast. Other times the apps make the meal. But many store-bought, prepackaged appetizers, and even homemade favorites are full of gluten.

You know what I mean – those breaded items, dough-wrapped snacks, and even ones held together or coated in breadcrumbs.

And let’s not forget the perils of a charcuterie board or selection of dips where everything might come into contact with bread or crackers or pretzels.

So whether you are the host or a guest, you’ll want to make sure you have a selection of appetizers that are safe for you to eat. And it’s why I love to make my own homemade appetizers. Many are so easy, and they are so delicious you won’t even notice that they are made without wheat, rye, barley, or hidden gluten.

Gluten Free Finger Foods

Every party needs finger foods. You know, those little bites you can pick up with your hands because when you are walking around chatting with friends and family or watching the game, you don’t want to fuss with utensils. And there are plenty that you can make gluten free!

A white serving dish of Italian stuffed mushrooms topped with melted mozzarella cheese on a red and white cloth napkin.

Bolognese Stuffed Mushrooms

An easy party appetizer packed with all the flavors of your favorite Italian meat sauce in one bite-sized package with a sprinkling of mozzarella and parmesan cheese.
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Spinach Artichoke Quinoa Bites piled around a bowl of tomato sauce.

Cheesy Spinach Artichoke Bites

With three kinds of cheese, this easy gluten free appetizers recipe turns your favorite hot spinach artichoke dip into a healthy, whole grain finger food!
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Blue Cheese Bacon Wrapped Dates

Blue cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, then coated in a honey lime sriracha glaze. These will be your new favorite gluten free party appetizer recipe!
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Baked BBQ Turkey Meatballs

BBQ Turkey Meatballs

Kids and adults love the sweet and savory flavors in these easy turkey meatballs covered in a mixture of apple cider and your favorite barbecue sauce.
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Barbeque chicken nachos cooked on a baking sheet on top of a striped cloth napkin.

Sheet Pan BBQ Chicken Nachos

This sassy, saucy pan of nachos is so easy to make. Use chicken that’s already cooked and toss it in your favorite sauce, layer everything up, and pop it in the oven.
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A closeup of a Deviled Egg garnished with paprika and dill with more blurred int he background on a platter.

Greek Yogurt Deviled Eggs

The classic party and picnic snack is made lighter but just as creamy using Greek yogurt instead of mayo. You'll love the zippy flavor.
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Chorizo and Sweet Potato Tortilla Bites

This easy appetizer recipe is a sweet, smoky, spicy twist on the classic Spanish tapas recipe for tortilla Espanola. It's an upscale finger food that's easy to make.
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cheesy chicken taquitos stacked on a bleu plate in front of an air fryer and a small bowl of guacamole

Air Fryer Chicken Taquitos

Crispy on the outside, cheesy on the inside, and healthier and less greayy than the original fried version. Make sure you have salsa and guacamole for dipping.
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Meatballs in sweet potato cups on a platter.

Cheesy Barbecue Meatball Sweet Potato Bites

One of the easiest gluten free appetizers you can make! Frozen meatballs nest inside cheese-loaded, baked sweet potato cups for an easy, cheesy, and delicious little bite.
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Chef Salad on a Stick appetizers on a wooden platter with a bowl of honey mustard.

Chef Salad on a Stick

Your favorite salad just became adorable hand held appetizers! These are perfect for picnics or tucking into lunchboxes, too.
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Looking down at Bang Bang Cauliflower Bites piled on a blue plate.

Bang Bang Cauliflower Bites

A healthy, gluten free version of a popular restaurant favorite with an Asian-inspired sweet and spicy sauce. Move over, Bang Bang Shrimp!
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A terra cotta dish of steak bites with lime wedges on a striped cloth napkin.

Chili Lime Steak Bites

This easy beef recipe packs plenty of spicy and zesty flavors into tender pieces of steak. With a few ingredients and less than fifteen minutes, you’ll have a fiesta for your taste buds.
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black bean bell pepper nachos with melted cheese on a sheet pan sitting on a cooling rack

Mini Bell Pepper Nachos

Load mini bell peppers with seasoned black beans, plenty of cheese, and your favorite toppings and dips, for vegetarian and gluten free game day party food that will have everyone reaching for more.
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A serving plate of Spinach Feta Appetizer Pinwheels.

Spinach Feta Pinwheels

Spinach, feta, and parmesan cheese are rolled up in a magic mozzarella dough. This transforms the classic recipe into a gluten free and low carb appetizer that is sure to impress.
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A miniature bowl with three dates stuffed with cream cheese and three pistachios in each of them.

Pistachio Cream Cheese Stuffed Dates

And easy salty sweet make you can assemble in no time with three ingredients. Add them to you charcuterie platters.
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Gluten free pretzel bites on a plate next to cheese sauce.

Gluten Free Pretzel Nuggets

Enjoy batches of these fluffy and chewy, buttery soft pretzel nuggets dipped in your favorite sauces. It's a game day favorite!
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A small white dish of buffalo chicken bites with two toothpicks and celery and carrot sticks.

Buffalo Chicken Bites

Tangy with a light crust, these are spicy and crispy without the mess of wings. Serve them with ranch, carrots, and celery and you’ve got yourself a winner
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Air fryer gluten free pizza rolls on a white plate, garnished with basil leaves.

Gluten Free Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

It's the savory, cheesy little snack you know and love form your childhood. Forget the freezer ones and make your own with an easy gluten free dough.
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Hot and Cold Gluten Free Dips

Whether you are dunking veggies, chips, gluten free pita, or whatever else you can get your hands on, dip make everything better. From cool and creamy to hot and gooey to fresh and light, there are so many options.

A small spreader starting to scoop up some melty baked brie topped with honey-glazed walnuts and pecans.

Honey Nut Baked Brie

Creamy Brie cheese topped with honey sweetened walnuts and pecans with a int of cinnamon. Get your gluten free crackers out and your taste buds ready for a fantastic treat!
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A spoon dipped in cheese sauce.

Gluten Free Cheese Sauce

This quick and easy sauce has only five ingredients and you'll be ready to dip pretzel bites, chips, and more. Or pour it over nachos or potato skins.
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Fingers holding a chip in a baking dish of barbecue chicken dip loaded with bacon and tomatoes on top.

BBQ Chicken Dip

This hot, gooey dip is fully-loaded with chicken, cheese, and barbecue sauce, with bacon on top. It will be the hit of the party!
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Spoon dipping into a bowl of Greek Yogurt Blue Cheese Dressing

Greek Yogurt Blue Cheese Dip

Creamy and tangy and easy to stir together in a flash. Make this and you'll be ready to dip veggies, wings, and more.
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small knife scooping up baked with with blueberry jam

Balsamic Blueberry Baked Brie

This sweet and savory appetizer will set hearts aflutter. Gooey melted cheese is topped with a homemade jam infused with bacon.
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Mango Avocado Salsa

Unlike many salsa recipes, this fruit salsa has barely a hint of spice, making it a kid-friendly favorite. Perfect for dipping, but try adding it to your tacos for a fun twist!
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A waffle fry being used to scoop up all of the layers of the hot dip.

Seven-Layer Bacon Cheeseburger Dip

A delicious twist on the traditional Mexican-inspired layered dip, this one has seasoned beef and all of your favorite burger toppings. Great for dipping veggie or chips, bit for something even better, try waffle French fries.
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A ham pineapple cheeseball on top of a red, white, and green plaid cloth napkin with a small spreader knife laying next to it.

Pineapple Ham Cheese Ball

Complete your cheese platter with this version of the traditional appetizer with sweet and salty flavors, and creamy texture with the perfect amount of crunch from its pecan coating. You can make it ahead of time and even use your leftover holiday ham.
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A spoon and a bow of apple chutney on a wooden board.

Apple Cider Chutney

This delicious apple chutney is a sweet and savory mixture of apples, cranberries, and thyme, with the tang of vinegar, and a splash of sparkling apple cider. It's lovely with crackers and cheese.
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Hot turkey and cheese dip with bacon in a pale yellow casserole dish being scooped up with a knife

Kentucky Hot Brown Dip

Everything you love from the classic Southern sandwich gets baked into a hot cheese dip recipe loaded with turkey, bacon, and tomatoes. This cheesy appetizer is always a party favorite.
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maple walnut sweet potato hummus

Maple Walnut Sweet Potato Hummus

A slightly sweet and nutty version of hummus with just a hint of maple and a touch of cinnamon and to enhance the sweet potato flavor. Dip carrots, apples, crackers, and more for an easy appetizer.
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A closeup of a small white bowl of tzatziki sauce.

Tzatziki Dip

It is fast to stir together these six ingredients and dig into right away, or make it ahead and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours for the fresh Greek flavors to fully develop.
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A hand dipping a tortilla chip into layered Mexican dip.

Cheesy Mexican Dip

Get your tortilla chips ready to scoop up ooey gooey layers of salsa and cheese in this simple appetizer recipe. Just layer four simple ingredients and bake until hot and melty. 
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Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip with veggies on a plate on top of a stack of colorful napkins.

Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip

Everything you love about the classic dip, but made with healthy Greek yogurt and spices from your pantry instead of a powdered mix. It's everyone's favorite for chips, veggies, chicken wings, and even pizza!
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