10+ of the Best Baked Brie Appetizer Recipes

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Baked Brie appetizer recipes are the perfect cheesy addition to any party. With a topping made with only a few ingredients piled on a wheel of Brie cheese, these quick and easy gluten free appetizers are simple to make.

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Baked Brie Recipes

Let’s get this party started! And one of the best ways to start a party is with appetizer recipes. Especially cheesy ones. That’s when baked Brie recipes come in!

The delicious toppings and ooey gooey melty cheese ensure that they are the first thing to disappear. Check out the video to see how easy they are to make…

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What is Baked Brie?

Brie is a soft cow’s milk cheese with a rind. When heated, it melts and you can use it for dipping things like crackers. That is why baked Brie is a popular party appetizer. It can be heated and topped with mixtures of fruit, nuts, herbs, jams, vegetables, or other ingredients. It can also be wrapped in phyllo dough, puff pastry, or crescent roll dough and baked, either on its own or again with a topping.

Is Baked Brie gluten free?

Generally, Brie cheese is considered gluten free. In the past, there were concerns that it might not be due to the source of the mold spores used to make Brie.

However, there has been repeated testing that shows Brie to have undetectable levels of gluten regardless of the source of the mold spores. If you have a severe sensitivity or are unsure, you might want to consult a doctor or avoid it altogether.

If you add a topping that does not have any gluten-containing ingredients, it will be gluten free. But if you wrap it in any of the doughs mentioned previously, it will not be gluten free unless you use a gluten free recipe.

Can you reheat Baked Brie?

Technically you can to rewarm the cheese and toppings. However, once it has been melted and cooled completely, it does not tend to achieve that same ooey gooey, molten consistency as it had previously. But it is still delicious.

You are going to love these Baked Brie Appetizer Recipes…

10+ of the Best Baked Brie Appetizer Recipes


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What else can you make with brie cheese besides baked brie?

Best Baked Brie Appetizer Recipes

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