40+ of the Best No-Cook Recipes for Lunch and Dinner

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No Cook Meals are definitely an important staple to have in your back pocket. Whether you are crazy busy, it’s the heat of the summer and the last thing you want to do is turn on the stove or oven, or you are just plain tired of cooking, these are the dishes you need! In an effort to help you feed the family without heating up the kitchen we’ve rounded up over 30 of the best No-Cook Recipes for easy dinners and fast lunches!

Best No Cook Recipes

 About these No Cook Recipes

When it comes to no cook meals, the first thing you might think about is basic sandwiches, but there’s more than just peanut butter and jelly or lunchmeat. You can make chicken salad, chickpea salad, and even veggies with yummy spreads like hummus.

Salads also come to mind, but besides lettuce, you can make zoodle salads, tomato salads, seafood salads, and quinoa salads.

Wraps are another option, but don’t limit yourself to the basic tortillas. Wrap those filling in lettuce for lettuce wraps or rice paper for spring rolls.

And then of course you can really think outside the box with things like stuffed avocados, ceviche, and cold soups like gazpacho.

Of course, I mentioned things like chicken and quinoa and you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait, I thought these were supposed to be no-cook meals!” Soooo…

Here are some no-cook recipe tips

  • For chicken, you can cook extra when you are making grilled chicken breasts, throw a few chicken breasts in your Instant Pot or slow cooker, and keep chopped or shredded chicken in your freezer. Or pick up a roasted chicken from the grocery store because there are tons of leftover rotisserie chicken recipes, and some don’t require cooking.
  • You can buy pre-cooked frozen shrimp that you just have to thaw to toss on top of a salad or other recipes.
  • It takes the same amount of time to grill steak for one night as it does to grill steak for two. When we make a flank steak or flat iron steak, I usually buy a really big one or I buy two so we can make salads or wraps another night.
  • For quinoa or rice salads, just cook a big batch on a day that isn’t too hot and you can keep it in the fridge or freezer. Or use that Instant Pot again.
  • Don’t want to cook any meat at all? You can always get your protein from beans and lentils and chickpeas! Try swapping the chicken in some of these salads with a lovely legume!

Now that you haven’t cooked dinner, you might also want to no bake your sweets or snacks. So check out these Healthy No-Bake Snacks and No-Bake Dessert Recipes.

Here are my favorite no-cook meals…

Fast and Easy No-Cook Meals

Recipes for sandwiches, salads, wraps, and more. No cooking required for these simple lunch and dinner ideas.


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Best No Cook Meals


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