Whipped Cauliflower Gratin

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On Tuesday I made some admissions about hiding veggies. You may think I do that a lot. That is totally NOT what I am doing here…

Whipped Cauliflower Gratin

I swear. The Bug and I love cauliflower. The Hubby, well, he eats it without complaint, so I’ll take that. He hasn’t banned it from the house, like Brussels sprouts. So why this Whipped Cauliflower Gratin?

Whipped Cauliflower Gratin

I wanted mashed potatoes. And to be honest, I never want mashed potatoes, unless I am really going to fancy them up. But it was Valentine’s Day, and I was making an impromptu, totally unplanned, not at all thought-out special-ish dinner. You know you want to marry me when this…


is what you get for an impromptu, totally unplanned, not at all though-out special-ish dinner. Steak, asparagus, mashed potatoes – totally way-to-your-man’s-heart, classic steakhouse food! Buuutt, once again, gestational diabetes rears its ugly head, and potatoes can really only be consumed in small quantities. And I’m hungry. Enter Whipped Cauliflower Gratin…

Whipped Cauliflower Gratin

And its virtual lack of carbohydrates. Score one for me! And this Whipped Cauliflower Gratin totally has the texture, and, quite honestly, a similar flavor to mashed potatoes. Now, I have made just plain whipped or mashed cauliflower before, and I would have called it a good cauliflower recipe, but something really entirely different from potatoes. This, I could probably fool my mashed potato obsessed mom or sister.

Whipped Cauliflower Gratin

I mean really – look at them. You totally would have thought they were potatoes if I hadn’t told you…

Whipped Cauliflower Gratin


Are you a mashed potato lover, or not so much? Have you ever tried cauliflower as a lighter substitute?

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Whipped Cauliflower Gratin

Whipped Cauliflower Gratin is a delicious alternative to mashed potatoes that is simple enough for everyday, but fancy enough for a special meal.


  • 1 head cauliflower
  • 1/2 c plain Greek yogurt I used Chobani 0% plain
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 c parmesan cheese divided
  • 1 T coarsely chopped chives or more, if you like more oniony flavor
  • 1 t kosher salt
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • paprika optional


  • Preheat your oven to 400°F, and lightly spray 4-6 ramekins (or one large casserole dish would probably work).
  • Cut the cauliflower into large florets, discarding the tough stem, and steam over boiling water until very tender.
  • While the cauliflower is steaming, place the Greek yogurt, egg, 1/4 c of the parmesan cheese, chives, salt, and pepper into a blender or food processor, and process until thoroughly combined.
  • Once the cauliflower is tender, add it to the contents of the blender or food processor, and puree until smooth.
  • Divide the cauliflower mixture among the ramekins, and sprinkle with remaining parmesan, and paprika, if desired.
  • Baked for 15-20 minutes, or until heated through and browned on top.



Whipped Cauliflower Gratin


  1. Ros

    5 stars
    This dish is delicious, a great alternative to mashed potatoes. I wonder if anyone has tried to make this earlier in the day, and then baked just prior to serving?

    1. Brianne Cupcakes & Kale Chips

      Hi Ros,
      Personally, I haven’t made it ahead, but I can’t really think of a reason that it couldn’t be done that way. If you try it, please let me know how it goes!

  2. Rachel

    I’d love an alternative to Au Gratin Potatoes, but my body can’t handle yogurt. I’ve tried yogurt three or four times, and each time, not only did it make me ill right away, but for the rest of the day. I’ve kept yogurt down when blended in a smoothie, but I was queasy all day afterwards.

    Can you suggest a substitute for the yogurt? Thanks.

    1. Brianne Cupcakes & Kale Chips

      Rachel, there are a number of dairy-free yogurts available now. I know that Silk brand makes one. I hope you’re able to find one and try this recipe.

  3. Bookmarked! This is immense, thanks!! With Christmas coming, I was fearing the annual barrage of potatoes with everything. This may well just cure that. In fact, this, cauliflower rice and cauliflower pizza bases might have solved the festive period.

    Now, if I could just find a cauliflower substitute for the tubs of chocolate 😉

    1. Brianne Cupcakes & Kale Chips

      Haha! Something tells me that there is no acceptable substitute for chocolate, John. You might want to adventure into white chocolate covered cauliflower, though. 😉

  4. Karen McKinzie

    I also am a diebetic and need to watch those carbs. I steam my cauliflower until it is tender, add a little butter to mash them like potatoes, add a tablespoon or 2 of sour cream and add salt, pepper, curry powder and a little cayenne pepper for a little pizzazz! No blender involved and very fast and easy to make!

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