Mexican Chocolate Pudding (or Brownie) Oatmeal

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Mexican chocolate pudding oatmeal is like having dessert for breakfast! The Mexican spice makes it a great gluten-free Cinco de Mayo breakfast option.

I am clearly setting a bad example for my son. I mean this Mexican Chocolate Pudding (or Brownie) Oatmeal is what I eat for breakfast everyday! He has his bowl of fruit and plain yogurt with some nuts or ground flax seeds or chia seeds and watches me eat this. I’m a terrible mother.

Mexican Chocolate Pudding (or Brownie) Oatmeal - a healthy but decadent breakfast with a creamy texture, chocolaty flavor & the kick of spices | #oatmeal #chocolate #breakfast #glutenfree #vegan

But believe it or not, this is healthy! Seriously! I mean, beating a dead horse, but many of you know the gestational diabetes saga, and this totally doesn’t do anything bad to my blood sugar. Actually, this Mexican chocolate pudding oatmeal recipe sort of evolved from finding out about the diabetes.

I have been an almost daily oatmeal girl for years, but my tastes have been slowly evolving. It started in my post-college weight-loss days, and I would get the packets of plain instant stuff that I would bring to work and cook with water and a packet of [amazon_textlink asin=’B000GG1S5O’ text=’Splenda’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cupkalchi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’bf967bb5-12ff-11e7-9df8-cf1c59f1c856′] (yes, I admit it, I’m sorry to those of you that are bothered by this, but it is what it is). I gradually progressed from instant to Quick Oats, and eventually to Old Fashioned Oats, that I cooked risotto-style in the microwave at work, adding just a little water at a time till it was soft and creamy. I know, totally weird. Eventually I replaced some of the water with milk or almond milk. I never wanted anything like apples or raisins or cinnamon. I liked it plain.

It wasn’t until the past year or so that I started experimenting with adding some bananas or peanut butter, or the ultimate – unsweetened cocoa powder. Yes! Chocolate for breakfast with no guilt! Occasionally I would put all of the above together.

I can’t remember when I decided to add some spices to my chocolate oatmeal, and I have no idea why, because I was never a big fan of spicy Mexican chocolate before. But once I went there, I never looked back. Then when I found out about the gestational diabetes, I knew I needed to add some more protein to my breakfast to help balance my blood sugar, and someone suggested adding egg whites to oatmeal.

See, this recipe even fits into Egg Week, which kicked off with this awesome egg roundup, on the blog, along with Tuesday’s frittata. I thought this was totally gross in regular oatmeal, but when I did it with my Mexican chocolate pudding oatmeal, it gave it this amazing pudding-like texture that I went nuts over. One day I had it all made, but had to get The Bug out of bed, so I threw it into the microwave for a minute, and it made it almost like a fudgy brownie…  for breakfast…  SCORE!

Mexican Chocolate Pudding (or Brownie) Oatmeal - a healthy but decadent breakfast with a creamy texture, chocolaty flavor & the kick of spices | #oatmeal #chocolate #breakfast #glutenfree #vegan

I cannot tell you how much I love this Mexican Chocolate Pudding oatmeal.

The spice does make my nose run a bit, but you can adjust the heat level to your liking. You can adjust the sweetness to you liking with whatever sweetener you like, too. I’ve used everything from brown sugar to [amazon_textlink asin=’B0078DP4IK’ text=’agave’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cupkalchi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’93da5851-12ff-11e7-8c6b-19bbe1cc13bd’] to raw honey to [amazon_textlink asin=’B000A44QDI’ text=’turbinado sugar’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cupkalchi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a584e626-12ff-11e7-9066-cd9ef9505455′] to Splenda. The chocolate intensity is adjustable to your liking (regular cocoa powder, dark cocoa powder, or a combination, as I like). And of course, the consistency can be adjusted to your liking, making it pudding-y or brownie-y. See – totally customizable. And totally decadent. Anndddd…  totally healthy!!

I prefer to use egg whites from a carton because they incorporate more smoothly, and I don’t have to worry about salmonella, which is a higher risk while I am pregnant. Plus I have issues with leftover egg yolks or whites. You could even leave the egg whites out, like I used to (though you’ll probably need less spices), or use one whole egg, though that is not really how I like it.

Do I know if this is Bug-approved? Umm, no, because I am not a good food sharer. This baby is all MINE!

Mexican Chocolate Pudding (or Brownie) Oatmeal - a healthy but decadent breakfast with a creamy texture, chocolaty flavor & the kick of spices | #oatmeal #chocolate #breakfast #glutenfree #vegan

What is your favorite “sinful” breakfast?  Really, truly, I’d love me a big stack of chocolate chip pancakes, but that’ll have to wait a few more weeks.

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Mexican Chocolate Pudding (or Brownie) Oatmeal

Mexican Chocolate Pudding (or Brownie) Oatmeal is a healthy but decadent breakfast with a creamy texture, chocolaty flavor, and the kick of spices.


  • 1/3 c old fashioned oats gluten-free, if needed
  • 1 teaspoon Mexican Chocolate Spice OR 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger, and 1/16-1/8 teaspon cayenne pepper
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 T unsweetened cocoa powder I like to use half Hershey's Cocoa Natural Unsweetened and half Hershey's Cocoa Special Dark
  • 1-2 t sweetener of choice or equivalent of sugar-free sweetener (I have used honey, sugar, brown sugar, agave, turbinado sugar, and Splenda)
  • 1/2 c milk I use unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/2 c water
  • 1 t coconut oil or butter optional
  • 2 eggs whites lightly beaten or 1/3 c pasteurized egg white from a carton (can also use one lightly beaten egg, but I prefer the more neutral taste of just the whites).


  • Combine all ingredients except the coconut oil/butter and egg whites in a saucepan, and cover with a lid.
  • Bring to a boil over medium heat, then reduce heat slightly to keep mixture at a simmer.
  • Cook for 5-7 minutes, keeping an eye on it to make sure the mixture doesn't boil over, or until the oatmeal is cooked to desired doneness, but a little excess moisture remains (you can add more water if the liquid evaporated before the oats were as soft as you like).
  • Reduce heat to low.
  • Stir in the coconut oil or butter, if using, then slowly pour in egg whites while stirring constantly.
  • Stirring constantly, cook for another 1-3 minutes, or until mixture slightly thickens.
  • Optional step for "brownie" oatmeal: Pour oatmeal mixture into a microwave safe bowl, and microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute, stirring every 20-30 seconds.



Mexican Chocolate Pudding (or Brownie) Oatmeal - a healthy but decadent breakfast with a creamy texture, chocolaty flavor & the kick of spices | #oatmeal #chocolate #breakfast #glutenfree #vegan


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  1. Gemma Hoynes

    This looks delicious! Do you think I could make a batch and freeze it into individual cups? (Like your make ahead freezer oatmeal cups).
    Many thanks!

  2. Jessica

    Holy crap I love this! I have made this for dessert a few times now. It is a nice alternative when you need a chocolate hit for dessert. Thank you.

  3. Jessica

    I made this because I was craving chocolate pudding. This is a great substitute. Next time I think I’ll add more milk and water then use an immersion blender to make it more like a pudding!! I didn’t add the oil/butter to keep it more low cal.

  4. 5 stars
    I very rarely think to come back and leave a comment on recipes I try but I quite literally just ate this (in the pudding form) and it was the best breakfast I have had in AGES! Simply put I LOVE oatmeal and I eat it several times a week (and sometimes even for supper 🙂 This recipe is going in collection and will be used for ages. I’m also so excited to make it for my little chocoholic nephews. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe!

  5. Amy

    Mmmm… Made this for breakfast this morning, just for me. Very tasty! But between this oatmeal and some much-needed coffee, by the time I finished breakfast I was feeling so warm! Lol

  6. Anne Langston

    5 stars
    oh, this is soooooo good! I tweaked it a little for my own tastes, (used pumpkin pie spice and chipotle chili powder), but I love having this for breakfast! Thank you!

  7. 5 stars
    Oh.mygod. I just made this and IT IS FANTASTIC!!! Keep in mind I’m an avid oatmeal eater and I’ve tried just about every combo (red velvet oats, anyone?) and this is definitely the best I’ve ever had. It was really filling as well! I tried out the brownie method because I love mug cakes and this is kinda similar, and OH MY GOD IT WAS SO GOOD. Breakfast brownie, how could you say no? Not gonna lie I topped mine with a little cannoli filling I had in the fridge… but yes conclusively this was amazing and I thank you very truly for this recipe 🙂

  8. Hi Brianne! I’ve never been an oatmeal eater myself… mostly because I live in a warm climate, I guess. I’ve seen so many amazing oatmeal recipes on the net though, yours included! I recently made a Mexican chocolate cake and even though I’m not usually a fan of chocolate and chilli, it totally worked! I can imagine that this breakfast would be so beautiful on a cold Winter morning. Great job (oh, and I think your little bug’s breakfast sounds yummy too!) x

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