Lucky Charms Cupcakes

Lucky Charms Cupcakes in the sun

Top o’ the morning to you!

Paraphrasing the Grinch, I got an idea.  An awful idea.  A wonderful, awful idea.  These kinds of things happen when you are in the car for 3 1/2 hours, with nobody other than your son.  And he sleeps for half the ride.  And he is not even two, so his current idea of a deep conversation is, “Mama, open mi-illkk!” or “Want raisins-n-O’s”.

I have three words for you.


Lucky Charms Cupcakes with Shamrocks


Yes, I said it.  I was thinking about what I could do as the very first St. Patrick’s Day sweet treat for my blog.  Sure, I could have thought about something involving Bailey’s or minty green frosting or even some Guinness stout chocolate thing that seems to be all the trend these days.  But no, I though about a totally marshmallow-laden, sugar-filled, horrible-excuse-for-breakfast (despite the Whole Grain claims on the package) American breakfast cereal.  And cupcakes.  How Irish!Three Lucky Charms Cupcakes

I am not sure if this is in defiance of or homage to my mom.  As a kid, the rule was that I could not buy any cereal that had marshmallows in it.  Mind you, I could have all of the Frosted Flakes or Cookie Crisp I wanted, and our house was never short on M&M’s or Chips Ahoy! cookies  And she does advocate an occasional dinner of ice cream.  But marshmallows in my breakfast cereal – NO WAY!  So what did I do every time I slept over my cousin’s house?  In the morning, I immediately bee-lined for the Lucky Charms or Franken-Berry or Boo-Berry.  Unfortunately my cousin usually beat me to the toy surprise.

Lucky Charms Cupcakes from topSo as I thought about this some more, I knew that what I found when I Googled “Lucky Charms Cupcakes” and essentially found “use your favorite box cake mix and canned frosting, and top with a few marshmallow from the Lucky Charms box” that this was not going to cut it.  I was going to go all Momofuku on these bad boys.  I am talking Cereal Milk!  If you haven’t heard of it, Momofuku Milk Bar is a restaurant/bakery in New York City, where they use “cereal milk” in some of their baked goods.  They are even getting a trademark for it.  So I had to try the idea out for myself.  Because isn’t that one of the best parts of eating a bowl of sugary cereal – drinking all of the yummy, sweet milk at the end?!

I did make an attempt a a marshmallow frosting.  Tasted pretty good, but looked awful.  So when in doubt, I turn to Martha, and used her basic buttercream frosting.  I just added more vanilla, because I always add more vanilla.  This recipe should make enough to frost the entire batch of cupcakes if you don’t put quite as large of a mound of frosting as I did because I really only utilize cupcakes as a vehicle for frosting consumption just to make them look prettier in the photos.

Lucky Charms Cupcakes on tray

So yes, this recipe does involve opening a box of Lucky Charms and picking out all of the marshmallows.  But hey, if you do that then it is a perfectly acceptable breakfast food, right?  No marshmallows, so I think mom would agree.

Three Lucky Charms Cupcakes on plate

Oh, and though he didn’t get to eat too many, these were definitely Bug-approved.

What is your favorite cereal?  Is it something healthy, or a kiddie, sugary one?  I love Strawberry Yogurt Cheerios and right now I am kind of into Cinnamon Sugar Chex.  I tend to eat it dry as a snack, rather than for breakfast.

Lucky Charms Cupcakes with Marshmallow-Studded Buttercream Frosting
Recipe type: Dessert
For the Cupcakes:
  • 11.5 oz. box Lucky Charms Cereal (or bigger, but then you may not need all of the marshmallows)
  • 1½ c whole milk
  • 2 t vanilla extract
  • 2¼ c all-purpose flour
  • 2½ t baking powder
  • ½ t salt
  • 1 c unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 1½ c sugar
  • 2 eggs
For the Buttercream Frosting:
  • 1½ c (3 sticks) unsalted butter, softened
  • 4 c confectioners' sugar, sifted
  • 1½ t vanilla extract
  • Food coloring, if desired
  • Reserved Lucky Charms marshmallows (up to 1 c, if you use a larger box of cereal)
For the Cupcakes:
  1. Preheat your oven to 350°F, and put liners in cupcake tins.
  2. Pick the marshmallows out of the box of Lucky Charms. Set aside the marshmallows to fold in to the batter and frosting.
  3. Combine 1 c of the Lucky Charms (after removing the marshmallows), the milk and vanilla extract. Let soak while you finish assembling the other ingredients, about 15-20 minutes.
  4. Grind 1 c of the Lucky Charms (after removing the marshmallows) into a powder using a food processor, or just crushing them up really well. You should be left with a little less than half a cup of cereal powder.
  5. Sift together the cereal powder, flour, baking powder, and salt into a bowl.
  6. In a large bowl, cream the butter, then gradually add the sugar, creaming until light and fluffy.
  7. Add the eggs one at a time, beating for a few seconds after each addition
  8. Drain the milk mixture off of the cereal.
  9. To the butter and sugar, alternate adding the flour mixture and the milk mixture in thirds, beating until smooth after each addition.
  10. Fold 1 c of the reserved marshmallows into the batter.
  11. Divide the batter evenly among the cupcake tins. Bake for 20-25 minutes, or until it springs back when you touch it.
  12. Let cool before frosting.
For the Buttercream Frostimg:
  1. Directions
  2. With a mixer on medium-high, beat the butter in a large bowl until light and fluffy.
  3. Reduce the speed to medium, and gradually beat in the sugar. Continue mixing for a few minutes, until the frosting is smooth and creamy.
  4. Add the vanilla and food coloring, if using, and beat until smooth.
  5. Carefully fold in the marshmallows.




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  1. says

    These look super fun and yummy! I think I went into sugar shock, just looking at them! lol.

    I was never allowed any sugary cereals….we had things like raisin bran and cheerios, and that’s it. I went nuts at friends’ houses! I think my fave was Fruity Pebbles at my friend Alison’s house–she always had those!

    Now, I don’t eat cereal at all, but Joe loves Kashi—it’s funny, there’s just as much sugar in some of those cereals, but he justifies it because it’s “natural.” Ha.
    I definitely miss cereal!

    • says

      Yeah, these are definitely not one to make often, but fun to play around with for St. Patrick’s Day. My cousin actually told me she wants Fruity Pebbles cupcakes after she saw these. I was never a big fan of them, but maybe I’ll have to come up with something for her.

  2. April says

    Who were the lucky recipients of these treats?? If there are leftovers, you can air mail them to Kentucky! =-)

  3. Amber says

    Found you via a slideshow on The Daily Meal.

    I love these so much. I made them for my sister-in-law’s birthday over the weekend. So good. Added a little bit of cream cheese to the frosting just because. I like how the frosting can turn the marshmallows soft (like marshmallows instead of styrofoam). Don’t get me wrong, I like the Lucky Charm styrofoam texture, it was just surprising to see how they revived in the frosting.


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