20+ Healthy Blueberry Smoothies

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Blueberry smoothies start with frozen blueberries, but beyond that, the flavor combinations are endless. All you need is a blender and your imagination to make a delicious and healthy breakfast or snack. And you can start with this collection of more than 20 of the best blueberry smoothie recipes to try!

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What Goes into a Blueberry Smoothie?

Blueberry smoothies typically start with frozen berries. Frozen blueberries are available year-round in the grocery store, so you can blend up some blueberry smoothies any time of the year.

But if you do go blueberry picking in the summer, make sure you pick some extra blueberries and freeze them so you can make these healthy breakfast or snack recipes right away or months from now. A blueberry smoothie may taste like a decadent dessert, but it’s actually full of nutrition.

You can come up with so many flavor combinations. Pair your blueberries with other fruits like peaches or watermelon or kiwi or even other berries. Make your blueberry smoothie a little richer by adding almond butter or avocado. You can even make a blueberry smoothie recipe that tastes like pie or muffins.

Common Smoothie Ingredients

Beyond the blueberries, here are some of the other things you may want to add to your smoothie. You typically want to add your ingredients to your blender in the following order:

  • Liquid – dairy or non-dairy milk, juice, etc.
  • Powders and other dry ingredients – protein powder, flax or chia or hemp seeds, powdered sweeteners, collagen powder.
  • Greens – spinach, kale, or other dark leafy greens, if using.
  • Soft ingredients – yogurt, cottage cheese, nut butters.
  • Fresh fruit – this would be the blueberries, plus any other favorite fruits.
  • Frozen fruit – you can also use frozen blueberries, combining them with frozen peaches, cherries, you name it.
  • Ice – to chill your smoothie, though you may not need much ice if you are using frozen fruit.

Then just blend until smooth.

What to Add to Thicken Smoothies

If you would like to thicken your smoothie, there are a few things you can do:

  • Using frozen fruit versus fresh fruit makes your smoothies thicker, especially frozen banana
  • Add chia seeds – be sure to grind them up with the other ingredients
  • Avocado
  • Certain protein powders
  • Ice, though this can water it down, so you may want to consider using frozen milk or juice cubes
Brianne’s Favorite Blender

I always recommend a high-powered blender like the Blendtec for the smoothest, most creamy smoothies. The Mini Wildside+ Jar is the perfect size for one or two smoothies. You can even use the “Smoothie” setting to have it gradually increase the speed to perfectly incorporate the liquids and frozen ingredients. Note, I do usually stop it a little before the cycle is over because I prefer an extra thick smoothie.

I am a Blendtec ambassador, and should you make any purchases through my  Blendtec Store link, I will receive a small commission, but that also means you can use the code CUPCAKESANDKALECHIPS to receive 20% off.

Tips for Freezing Blueberries for the Best Berry Smoothies

  • Wash your berries well and dry them thoroughly, either by letting them air dry or using a kitchen towel or paper towels.
  • Spread the blueberries out in a single layer on a sheet pan and place in the freezer for several hours until they are completely frozen.
  • Transfer the berries to a high-quality freezer bag or another airtight container. Return the berries to the freezer and keep frozen until needed for smoothies.
  • The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council says frozen berries are best used within 10 months.

20+ of the Best Blueberry Smoothie Recipes

All you need is frozen blueberries, a blender, and your kitchen creativity to make a healthy and delicious breakfast or snack. No blues when you make these berry smoothies!

A sweet and creamy breakfast or snack tastes like dessert. Adding cream cheese gives it that perfect creaminess and tangy flavor you love about cheesecake. But instead of a rich treat, this is something you can have every day.
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With its sweet and nutty flavors that make an unexpectedly delicious combination and its thick, creamy texture, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is one of the best you’ve ever made. Plus not only do you pack in a serving of fruit, but you also fuel your day with protein.
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Creamy, sweet and as easy and delicious as it is pretty for breakfast or a snack. A creamy smoothie topped with sweet, slushy blueberries is swirled together for the ultimate berries and cream combo.
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With maple syrup and a hint of cinnamon, this creamy smoothie will remind you of digging into a stack of blueberry French toast. Now you can enjoy the flavors of a breakfast favorite for a healthy treat any time of the day.
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The best combination of late summer fruits and a secret ingredient makes this the creamiest of smoothies. And the great fresh flavors mean that you can easily sneak in some green veggies and nobody will ever know.
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This best way to pack in fruit, veggies, protein, and of course luscious chocolaty flavor that you can enjoy every day. Make it with mixed berries or use all blueberries, and either way it's delicious.
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If you like McDonald’s Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie, then you’re going to love this healthier version filled with antioxidants to keep you energized! It's so refreshing and tasty.
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A delicious power smoothie made with wild blueberries, banana, almond milk, and spinach for a nutritional boost. A sprinkle of chia seeds gives it an extra supoerfoods boost.
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Quick, easy, and healthy, and it tastes like the decadent muffin that inspired it! And while it tastes just as good, it might be even more filling with all of the whole grains and protein.
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A creamy low carb smoothie that is jam-packed with antioxidants and healthy fats. It’s a great snack for kids and adults alike, and .can also be made dairy free and vegan.
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The natural sugars in fruit rev up your energy levels quickly and, the Greek yogurt makes this a powerhouse of protein to help keep your energy up.
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A creamy blueberry banana smoothie that tastes just like a slice of blueberry pie! Healthy and high in protein, it will keep you full all morning.
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A great-tasting and filling smoothie with blueberries, banana, and spinach that’s packed with nutrition. You won't believe the amazing texture and nutrition the avocado brings to the table.
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Made with everyday ingredients, and oatmeal adds some bulk to keep you full without protein powder.
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This high protein powerhouse smoothie is full of antioxidants and plenty of protein to keep you full and satisfied until your next meal. A healthy dose of dark leafy greens also gives it even more nutritional benefits.
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A fresh and healthy triple berry smoothie that’s loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. This smoothie is a great way to boost your immune system.
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Cantaloupe is a surprising addition to this sweet berry smoothie. There's also a good dose of protein to make it satisfying for a hearty snack or even an on-the-go meal.
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Instead of ice, a nice helping of frozen fruit makes this smoothie extra flavorful and thick. And this smoothie is packed with all of your kids favorite fruits.
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Hemp hearts and sunflower seeds in the topping pack a punch of protein, essential fats, and vitamins to help fill you up and make your smoothie extra special.
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A healthy dose of flaxseed adds lots of fiber and omega 3s to this superfood smoothie. Greek yogurt packs in the protein and creaminess, and if course it's perfectly sweet too.
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You will love how refreshing this smoothie is. And with no added sugar, it’s just pure fruit and ice, so it's super wholesome too.
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Made with sorbet for more of a milkshake-like treat, these are totally perfect smoothies to drink on a warm day! They are delightfully tangy and sweet.
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