Best Gifts for People Who Love to Cook at Every Price – What to Buy for the Foodie Who Has Everything!

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Gifts for Cooks will make your favorite foodie enjoy their hobby even more. And you’ll get the benefit of enjoying all of their delicious creations. Being in the kitchen is even more fun and easy when you add these tools to their arsenal. From inexpensive gadgets to top of the line appliances, there is something for everybody who loves to cook at every price point. And each item on the list of cooking gifts has an alternative that is more budget-friendly, takes up less space, or meets a slightly different need.

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As a food blogger who develops recipes for a living and has two boys who are literally nonstop eating machines, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. So whether it is basic gadgets and tools or fancier appliances, I have a lot of favorite things that make my cooking and baking tasks easier and even more fun. 

And despite having drawers and cabinets filled with tools, I actually still have a few things on my own holiday wish list too.  

I am excited to share some of my favorite and some of the things I want the most with you! Some of these gifts for cooks are definitely splurges. But in each case, I give you a more affordable option or at least something that maybe takes up a little less space, or is an alternative if you need something a little different. 

There are foodie gift ideas that range from about $10 all the way up to $500 and more. So there is something for every cook and every budget.

What to buy someone who loves to cook?

  • Appliances – it may sound crazy, but one of the best gifts my husband ever got me was a KitchenAid stand mixer. For the true lover of baking and cooking, mixers and blenders and Instant Pots will actually make their day.
  • Gadgets – each year my husband challenges himself to find me a stocking stuffer kitchen gadget that I actually don’t have. This is how I’ve discovered some of my favorite little tools like a jar opener that has ended up being a lifesaver. See if you can surprise your favorite foodie with something small and unexpectedly useful.
  • Pots and pans – sure they probably have a set of cookware, but maybe they have one piece that could use an upgrade. Or maybe get something outside the box, like a nice cast iron skillet.
  • Cookbooks – if you don’t know what they already have in their kitchen, a home chef always loves a new cookbook to give them brand new ideas.

What are the best gifts for cooks?

The Best Foodies Gifts for Cooks at Every Price

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