Yankees Pinstripe Cake (a.k.a. Reverse Blue Velvet Cake) and dedication to your teams

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So I had the coolest idea for The Bug’s birthday party. As you probably saw, we did a baseball party. And, really, it was a Yankees party.

Yankees Pinstripe Cake whole

The Hubby and I watch the Yankees all the time, but he will put on other games sometimes, if there is no Yankees game on. I don’t. I always tell him that I am not a baseball fan, I am a Yankees fan. Have been my whole life, just like my mom and my grandpa. In fact, when my aunt saw this picture on Facebook…

IMG 7221

…she asked if we knew of any other teams. My response, “You mean, there other teams?” She said, “How about the Red Sox?” (my late uncle’s favorite team). And I said, “They are not another team. They are the enemy!” So, you see, my blood runs Yankees pinstripe blue. Like the stripes in this cake.

Reverse Blue Velvet Cake Slice Front

Well, I wanted to make a pinstriped cake. We all know the classic red velvet. I’ve also seen blue velvet cakes, and I thought I would make one of those. But then I thought it wouldn’t really look pinstriped, since the blue cake layers would be thick, with the thin layers of white buttercream between them. So I decided to do what I am calling a “Reverse Blue Velvet” cake – a white buttermilk cake with cocoa buttermilk frosting, dyed a lovely shade of blue.

Reverse Blue Velvet Cake slice back

Like I mentioned yesterday, I stuck with my flourless cupcakes, so I can’t personally vouch for the taste, but this cake got rave reviews. And the cool thing is that you can leave the frosting with with lovely chocolaty color, or add any colors you like. And, with a little luck, when you slice into it, you’ll get this…

Yankees Pinstrip Cake Cross Section

And not only did everyone else love the cake, but it was totally Bug Approved, whose approval was the most important, since it was his birthday. Though he has never turned down cake.

The Bug Cake Collage

What is your favorite birthday cake? Personally, I like ice cream cake.

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Yankees Pinstripe Cake (a.k.a. Reverse Blue Velvet Cake)


  • One White on White Buttermilk Cake see link below
  • Chocolate Buttermilk Frosting see link below
  • Gel food coloring in blue or desired color, optional
  • Basic Buttercream see link below, optional
  • Fondant sprinkles, or whatever other decorations you want to use.


  • Bake the cake according to the recipe, in three layers, as instructed.
  • While cake is cooling, make the Chocolate Buttermilk Frosting, adding food coloring, as desired, and Basic Buttercream.
  • Slice each of the three cake layers in half.
  • Place one layer on a cake plate or stand, and spread 1/2 c of the Chocolate Buttermilk Frosting on top of the cake. Repeat with each of the additional layers.
  • Frost the outside of the cake with Basic Buttercream or the remaining Chocolate Buttermilk Frosting.
  • Decorate cake as desired. I vovered with white fondant, then decorated with fondant pinstripes, letters, and baseballs.


The cake is White on White Buttermilk Cake from The Pastry Queen by Rebecca Rather, which I found on Bakespace.

The frosting is Chocolate Buttermilk Frosting from Evil Shenanigans and Martha Stewart’s Basic Buttercream.


Reverse Blue Velvet Cake Slice side 001

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      1. Jenny

        Thanks so much for joining in! I put this up on my facebook page. I actually got A-Rod to sign a hat when he was knee high to a grasshopper with the Marlins.

  1. Nathan

    Very very solid. That cake took some skill. Nice work…and it does appear as if you were ‘brainwashed”..haha…very hip idea on the cake and the baseball party. Baseball is the great sport ever invented. While we are Cubbies fans here in Indy, I can still appreciate that amazing cake you turned out.

    1. I love baseball. It is definitely my favorite sport. And at least I am a lifetime, 3rd generation Yankee fan. I am not just someone who jumped on the bandwagon. I may typically only watch Yankee games, but I think seeing a game at Wrigley would be cool.

      1. Nathan

        Whew hoo! Glad the family brought you up right! And I can tell…by the cake you didnt jump on that bandwagon. I will say this. Not a big yankee fan…however. I love Jeter, his style, demeanor, and his attitude. One of the LAST class acts baseball has left sadly. And what a bummer to see Mariano go down. Best closer baseball has ever seen. But you are correct. Wrigley….unreal…goosebumps just walking outside the stadium. I hope you get a chance to head west one time and hit Chi town up to see a game.

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