Instant Pot Mexican Rice

What is the difference between Mexican Rice and Spanish Rice?

What people often call "Spanish rice" is not technically how they cook rice in Spain. Real Spanish rice is usually cooked with saffron and has a distinct yellow color. But the dish often called Spanish rice is often served in Mexican restaurants, and is cooked with aromatics and a tomato base. This recipe is actually that Mexican rice, even though some call it Spanish rice.

Saute the Rice

Set the Instant Pot to Saute. Heat the oil and add the rice, then stir and cook until the rice is golden.

Add Aromatics

Add the onion and garlic, and cook till tender. Stir in salt, cumin, and oregano, and saute for another 30 seconds.

Stir in Liquids

Pour in broth and tomato sauce and stir to ensure nothing is stuck to the bottom.

Seal and Cook

Place the lid on the Instant Pot and cook using the Rice function or on Manual or High for 5 minutes.

Release the Pressure

At the end of the cooking time, allow the pressure to release  naturally for 5 minutes before doing a quick release.

Fluff and Serve

Fluff with a fork and garnish with chopped onions or tomatoes, lime juice, or cilantro, if desired. Enjoy!

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