Gluten Free  Plain Bagels

Do These Freeze Well?

You can freeze these gluten-free bagels for up to 1 month!  I like to slice my bagels before wrapping them in aluminum foil (to help with freezer burn) and then sealing them in a freezer bag.  Thaw the bagels either in the fridge or at room temperature and then toast them or reheat them as you’d like!

Make the Dough

Combine the dry ingredients and slowly add in water, until you have a smooth ball of dough that’s a little sticky. Leave the dough somewhere warm and covered in a dishcloth to rise.

Roll the Dough

Once the dough is ready, on a clear work surface divide the dough into six equal sized portions.

Roll the Dough

Roll each portion into a ball and use your finger to poke a hole in the center, then stretch the dough into a slightly wider ring. Place the shaped bagels on a baking sheet to rest.


Bring a large pot of water, along with the baking soda and brown sugar, to a boil and then a simmer.


Carefully lower small batches of bagels into the water bath to boil for about a minute per side, and then transfer them back to the baking sheet.


Brush the tops of the bagels with egg wash, and then bake them in the oven until they’re firm and golden.

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