Gluten Free French Baguette

Why is it Called a Baguette?

Baguettes are long loaves of bread that are synonymous with France and French culture. And the French word “baguette” translates to “wand” or “baton”, which is fitting for the shape!

Make the Dough

In a mixing bowl, you’ll combine the dry ingredients, followed by the wet ingredients. Stir until a whipped dough forms that’s sticky but not wet.


Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and proof the dough in the fridge. Aim for an hour at least.


When the dough is finished resting, you’ll divide the dough in half on a work surface dusted with tapioca starch.


Knead the halves one at a time, and then carefully roll each half into a long baguette shape.


Next, cover the loaves with plastic wrap and leave them to rise in a warm location. Check them after 30 minutes.


Transfer the loaves to a baking sheet and score the tops of the loaves with a knife and give them a spray with cooking oil.


Before baking, place a shallow pan in the bottom of the preheated oven and pour in a couple of cups of boiling water. This will create steam and add moisture as the bread bakes. 


Bake the baguettes in the center of the oven. You’ll need to rotate the pan once about halfway through.


Remove the baguettes from the oven once they’re baked and golden. Voilà! your very own homemade French bread.

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