Gluten Free Apple Turnovers

What Is the Difference Between Apple Pie and Apple Turnover?

Apple pie is a filling that’s baked in a pie shell, often with a double crust. As in, a crust to line the pie pan, and another to cover the filling. Meanwhile, an apple turnover looks a bit like a hand pie. Turnovers are made by filling pastry dough with pre-cooked apple filling, folding it over and sealing the edges before baking.

Prepare the Apple Filling

Heat the apples in a saucepan with melted butter, along with the sugar, flour and spices. Cook until the apples are soft. Right before you take the pan off the heat, you’ll stir in the lemon juice.

Prepare the Pie Crust

Roll out your pie crusts one at a time, leaving the second crust to stay cold in the fridge. After the first crust is rolled flat, use a circle cutter to cut 3 circles from the dough.

Prepare the Pie Crust

Next, roll out the scraps and make a 4th circle. If you use a 5” circle cutter, each pie crust should yield 4 dough rounds, for 8 turnovers in total.

Assemble the Turnovers

Place a spoonful or two of the apple filling over one half of each dough circle. Be sure to leave at least a half-inch border between the filling and the edge.

Assemble the Turnovers

Brush the edges of the pastry dough with an egg wash, then fold the dough over and bring the edges together to seal. Use a fork to tightly crimp along the edges.


Transfer the finished apple turnovers to a parchment-lined baking sheet. Sprinkle with sugar and then bake for about 20 minutes at 350ºF, or until the pastry is golden.

Finish and Serve

Whisk together a simple glaze of powdered sugar and heavy cream, and drizzle it over the turnovers while they’re still warm. Serve and enjoy!

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