Easy Instant Pot Lasagna

Which noodles should I use for this Instant Pot Lasagna?

I’ve tested this recipe using Meuller brand and 365 brand no-boil gluten-free lasagna noodles. Since Instant Pot lasagna cooks quickly, I’ve found that no-boil noodles are best.

Prep Cheese Mixture

Before you start, mix together ricotta and parmesan in a small bowl with salt and pepper.

Saute the Meat

Set instant pot to saute, cook the ground beef and sausage along with the onion. After 5 minutes, stir in the garlic and Italian seasoning.


When the beef is browned, switch off the pot and transfer the meat to a bowl.


Add a bit of water to the Instant Pot, scraping the bottom to lift up any stuck-on bits.

Add First Layer

Begin with about a third of the beef mixture, and cover this with a layer of lasagna noodles. Spread the marinara sauce over top.

Add More Layers

Follow this with another meat layer, half of the ricotta cheese from earlier, and then spinach.

Repeat Layers

Arrange more lasagna sheets over top, and then repeat, being sure to end with a layer of marinara sauce on top.


Set the IP to cook on high pressure for 6 minutes. Naturally release for 10 minutes before releasing the remaining pressure manually.

Top with Cheese

Open pot & sprinkle shredded mozzarella. Close lid and leave on the “keep warm” until the cheese is melted.


Then, serve your gluten-free Instant Pot lasagna straight from the pot.

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