Cilantro Lime Rice

What kind of rice should you use?

Many people like to make cilantro lime rice with basmati or jasmine rice.  But your basic long grain white rice will do just fine if that is what you have in your pantry. If you want a whole grain option, brown rice works great too! You can even use leftover rice yo've already made or from a takeout order.

Cook the Rice

Cook the rice on the stove per the package directions using water or broth, or use the microwave, slow cooker, Instant Pot, or rice cooker.

Juice a Lime

For the best flavor, you'll want to add fresh lime juice to your rice.

Add the Cilantro

FInely mince the cilantro and add it to the bowl with optional oil or butter.

Give it a Stir

Sti everything together to distribute the lime and cilantro.


Garnish with more cilantro leaves and lime slices, if you like, and serve with your favorite meals. See the post for lots of ideas!

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