Bacon Green Beans

Can I make these ahead or double it?

Yes, while this is a quick weeknight side dish, it's also great for holidays.  You can cook them ahead and reheat it later either in the microwave or warmed up in a pan on the stove. Or even just par-boil the beans. It can also be doubled or tripled.

Prepare the Beans

Wash and dry the green beans. Snip 1/4 to 1/2 inch off the ends of the beans.

Par-Boil the Beans

Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Boil beans for 5 minutes till crisp-tender. Drain.

Cook the Bacon

Add butter and oil to a skillet. When butter is melted, add chopped bacon and cook till slightly crispy.

Add the Beans

Transfer the beans to the skillet and add dried savory or thyme.

Cook Till Tender

Reduce heat to low. Cook until beans have reached your desired texture and bacon is fully crispy.

Serve and Enjoy

You can have these beans with a quick weeknight meal. But they are also worthy of a place on a holiday menu.

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