The Best Cookbooks Gift Guide

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The best cookbooks gift guide is a collection of cookbook recommendations from your favorite food bloggers, and cookbooks I’ve reviewed written by some of the best food bloggers on the web. If you are buying gifts for your favorite cook, add these to your holiday shoping list, and add them to your own wish list if you are the one who loves to be in the kitchen. Whether you are buying or daydreaming about stocking your bookshelves, check out my this foodie gift guide of the best cookbooks.

The Best Cookbooks Gift Guide - over 50 cookbooks for foodies that make the best gifts. Written by and recommended by the best food bloggers on the web!

Foodie Gift Guide: Over 50 of The Best Cookbooks Written By and Recommended By Your Favorite Food Bloggers

I’m so excited to share with you this collection of incredible cookbooks. I asked my food blogger friends for some of their favorites, so not only am I giving you the list of the books on their shelves that they reach for when they aren’t busy creating their own recipes, but I’ve also got links and quotes from them to their favorite recipes and reasons why these books have become an integral part of their collection.

But before I share their recommendations, here are some of the best cookbooks on my shelf!

The best cookbooks by some of my favorite bloggers that I’ve reviewed and shared with you…

Some of the best cookbooks I haven’t reviewed yet, but own and love…

Here’s some of the best cookbooks for desserts from my sweet blogger buddies that I still need to get my hands on…

And a few of the best cookbooks for healthy and savory recipes from some other food blogger friends that I want in my collection…

And these are some of my kids’ favorite books for the littlest foodies…

And now, The Best Cookbooks Recommended By Your Favorite Food Bloggers…

  • Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo (Check out the review and Slow-Cooked Salsa Verde Chicken from Lisa of Low Carb Yum. She says, “It’s loaded with recipes and information for eating real whole foods. The recipes are all very easy too.”)
  • Maryland’s Chesapeake by Kathy Wielech Patterson and Neal Patterson (Check out the review and Spicy Crab and Sausage Soup from Jessica of Savory Experiments. She says, “One of the rare cookbooks that not only provides regionally authentic recipes from local chefs, but also background.”)
  • Eat in My Kitchen by Meike Peters (Recommended by Jenny of The Cookbook Junkies)
  • 30-Minute One-Pot Meals by Jo Cismaru (Recommended by Kim of Cravings of a Lunatic. She says, “I love it because it takes quick and easy recipes to new heights. Her recipes are stunningly beautiful, and very accessible for people of any skill level to make.”)
  • Maple by Katie Webster (Check out the review and Smoky and Sweet Turkey Chili from Lauren of Healthy. Delicious. She says, “This book is GORGEOUS and every recipe in it sounds incredible.”)
  • Simply Scratch by Laurie McNamera (Recommended by Kirsten of Comfortably Domestic. She says, “It features real food in fresh, reasonable recipes.”)
  • Alternative Baker by Alanna Taylor-Tobin (Check out the review and Gluten Free Buckwheat Chocolate Cookies from Katie of Healthy Seasonal Recipes. She says, “This book is all about gluten-free baking with alternative flours. It is absolutely stunning and the recipes I have tried are amazing! Throughout she gives super helpful, illuminating yet basic tips in a fun approachable way that will inspire even the most reluctant baker.”)
  • Ratio by Michael Ruhlman (This book inspired the search for the perfect brownie recipe, these Ultimate Deep Dish Brownies, from Katie of Recipe for Perfection.)
  • Everything Wheat-Free Cookbook by Lauren Kelly (Recomended by Amee of Amee’s Savory Dish. She says, “The recipes are practical, delicious, my kids love them and my GF husband can eat them. “)

Some other bloggers wanted to share their cookbooks with you too!


Foodie Gift Guide - the best cookbooks for foodies

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