Vegan Mains

If you need help creating filling, savory vegan recipes at home, take a look at some of these Vegan Eats. These meals and side dishes are free of any animal products, animal by-products, and dairy products.

The recipes in this category include vegan breakfasts like Hummingbird Cake Overnight Oats. A fruit-filled, protein-packed breakfast will keep you energized and focused as you tackle the day ahead of you.

Though breakfast is the most important meal of the day, our vegan lunches, like this Instant Pot Butternut Squash Soup, are great too! Thick, smooth soups are always good to have on hand for any occasion. For a vegan dinner, try Pineapple Pecan Glazed Green Beans, which also double as a great Thanksgiving side.

No matter what flavors you fancy, you’re bound to find something you love in Vegan Eats!

What I'm Loving Lately

These vegan recipes have become favorites in my house – with no complaints from my (non-vegan) family! Each one is easy to make and sure to satisfy.