Mama Mondays: It’s OK!! – 12-31-12

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I have a friend who, at the end of each year, looks back on what she did and didn’t do, and then looks ahead to what she plans to do, change, and even keep the same for the next year. All too often, she finds this exercise depressing. That is why I avoid the practice altogether. I have never been an end-of-year reflector or a start-of-year resolutioner. I don’t see that changing (other than that I want to try to stop buying bags of Ghirardelli chocolate chips, but that is a whole other story not even related to the new year). But I was suddenly realizing that 2012 was my first full year as a stay-at-home mom, the first year that I have experienced being a mom and being pregnant at the same time, the first year that I have been mom to a real little person who can communicate his wants, needs, demands, likes, dislikes, and personality in more than just a few words here and there, but only when he chooses to. So some random mommy thoughts started popping into my head, and I thought sharing them with you would be a perfect way to wrap up 2012 on Mama Monday. Plus, sometimes I need to remind myself that…

 IT’S OK!!

If you are totally craving all things sweet, but then only let vegetables and protein pass your lips the day before your glucose tolerance test – IT’S OK!

If you want/need to have an epidural, even if you had all intentions of having a natural delivery – IT’S OK!

If you can’t/don’t want to breastfeed – IT’S OK!

If your baby is sleeping in his crib in his room across the hall by the time he is a few weeks old because otherwise you AND your husband DON’T SLEEP AT ALL – IT’S OK!

If you are sick/exhausted/busy beyond words, and sit your kid in front of Nick Jr. for an entire day – IT’S OK!!

If your kid is sick enough that they can’t be around other kids, but not sick enough to understand that they can’t be around other kids, so you with them in front of Nick Jr. for an entire day – IT’S OK!!

If grandma is willing to take the little one for a few days, and you are actually excited about that (even more excited and unconcerned than your husband) – IT’S OK!!

If you child is perfectly happy playing in his crib after he wakes up in the morning, so you either get some more sleep, put away some laundry, go downstairs to eat breakfast by yourself, or whatever – IT’S OK!!

If you don’t have a parenting philosophy – IT’S OK!!

If you aren’t totally comfortable cooking with your kid, even though you love to cook, and it teaches them all kinds of life skills, and encourages them to eat healthier, and is a great bonding experience because he just has to grab everything and you really just need to get dinner on the table – IT’S OK!!

If you hide tomatoes in eggs, leafy greens in smoothies or black beans in cupcakes to get your toddler to eat them – IT’S OK!! (disclaimer – I still encourage offering a wide variety of foods to your little one, even ones they haven’t liked before, but if you can sneak in some added nutrition, it can’t hurt)

If you make sure you child has a healthy snack before bedtime, then have ice cream after they go to sleep – IT’S OK!!

If your little one just isn’t into coloring and doing crafts with you – IT’S OK!!

If your little one LOVES doing these things at school with their teacher and classmates – IT’S OK!!

If naptime is one of the best times of the day – IT’S OK!!

If kiddie naptime = mommy naptime – IT’S OK!!

If you kid says he would rather go back and stay longer at grandma’s than come home with you – IT’S OK!!

If you really need to recharge yourself, and focus a little time just on you – IT’S OK!!

These are based on my experiences, so just because I don’t mention something here does NOT mean I disagree or disapprove. And really, even if I did, why should that matter to you?! Because all we mamas should do is whatever we feel is best for OURSELVES and OUR FAMILIES!! No matter what we choose, as long we love our kids AND ourselves, and make choices that reflect this…


What is is that you need to remind yourself that – IT’S OK?!

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