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It’s about 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the kids are about ready for a nap, or it’s your last bit of quiet till they get home from school, or you’ve just finished your lunch break and you aren’t quite ready to dive back into work again. It’s time to get away on a #TruffleTakeoff Tour with GODIVA’s Truffle Flights™.


 When I was a little girl, my mom told me how much my aunt loved GODIVA chocolate, and took me to the GODIVA store at my local mall to buy her the only box of chocolates that I could afford as a little girl – the one with only two little chocolates in it. And every year since then, I have bought her the same adorable little box. Sure I could afford a bigger box over the years, but it was tradition. It just wouldn’t be the same, because it really became about the specialness that the tiny golden box symbolized – it was her tiny package of indulgence after the hectic pace of a busy holiday season.
In fact, my uncle used to get mad at me. You see, he bought her a huge variety box on a couple of special occasions, and he would tell me that he shouldn’t have even bothered, because she was always more excited to get the teensy box from me than the big box from him.
Umm, hello!!
For years I thought GODIVA was for big people, and I stuck with my grocery store candy bars. Then one day I realized I was a big person, and I had my first bite. Since then, well, part of me couldn’t understand why she didn’t want more MORE MORE. But then I got it. The intense, full flavor, and rich, creamy texture was so satisfying and indulgent that you could savor a single chocolate and still achieve chocolate euphoria.
I must say, though, that The Hubby will sometimes buy me a box of GODIVA, and I am still torn between digging in to try all the different varieties or sampling one at a time. But it is truly the truffles that drive me crazy. Biting into the crisp chocolaty shell to the creamy flavor explosion inside. Perfection!
And now GODIVA has taken their incredible truffles to a new level by introducing GODIVA’s Truffle Flights™. Each Truffle Flight™ is a hand-selected pairing of six truffles placed in just the right order for the perfect flavor progression. There are six different Truffle Flights™ available at
Dark Decadence Truffle Flight™…
Nut Lovers Truffle Flight™…
Heavenly Mousse Truffle Flight™…
Milk Chocolate Lovers Truffle Flight™…
Cake Truffle Flight™…
and Ultimate Dessert Truffle Flight™…
Is your mouth watering yet?
And guess what – you don’t even have to wait. Truffle Flights™ are available now. You can head to your local GODIVA boutique or purchase them online at
I know these boxes of chocolate goodness will definitely leave me with the same dilemma of savoring slowly, or sampling the entire flight. You know, just to get the full experience of the flavor progression. Hmmm, maybe a date night in after the boys go to bed, The Hubby and I can share a flight. Or, you know, I can just eat them all.
Which one do you want to try first?
Disclosure: I am bringing this post to you through my partnership with GODIVA and sharing the news about their #TruffleTakeoff Tour.

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