Friday Fun! April 13, 2012

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It is Friday the 13th! Cue the scary slasher movie music. Hmm, maybe I should hit up Redbox for a DVD to watch with The Hubby tonight. The Yankees have a day game, so no baseball to watch tonight (I am not a baseball fan, I am a Yankees fan – if they are not playing, I am not watching baseball). I have never been a scary movie fan though. Maybe The Muppets? After a heady, introspective week that led to me writing about Clarity, Balance, and Mindfulness, it is time for a little Friday Fun!!!!

That bread I told you I was working on last week – YUM!!

Easter Bread - Pascha Paska

How cute is my family, all dressed in out Easter best?

IMG 5731

Yeah, but three seconds later, this is what we looked like.

IMG 5737

The Bug had a great time looking for eggs.

IMG 5759

Well, mostly counting the eggs.

IMG 5767

Until he decided he was done, and chucked his basket across the lawn.

IMG 5772

Then he counted rocks.

IMG 5773

Counting is a big things for him these days. It doesn’t matter how many things there actually are, he always counts to 11. Sometimes starting at 5. But whatever – he’s not even 2.

IMG 5754

Not to be too serious, but I really did spend my week focusing on the three topics I blogged about, especially Balance. Other than writing those posts, which was actually quite therapeutic, I took a bit of a step back from the blogging world for the week. I did lots of laundry after the family left from the holiday weekend. The mornings that The Bug didn’t go to pre-school, we built Brio train tracks, played with cars, played games on the Sesame Street website, went to a birthday party at a park, and watched the birds in the backyard. I got in my workouts – one morning at the gym, a couple of times on the elliptical, and a few walks. And I am trying to squeeze in my jumping jacks when I remember. I also tried Burpees for the first time this morning – yowie zowie!

Here are some things I was checking out out this week:

  • As a kid, I LOVED tater tots. I am sure I still love tater tots, I just don’t buy or eat them. And what could make them better than making them out of sweet potatoes and goat cheese, like these from Heather’s Dish. Now I just have to find a way to make them by baking them instead of frying.

Sweet Potato Goat Cheee Tater Tots

  • Since I am going to be better about staying away from gluten, I love the idea of drinking one of my favorites – carrot cake – from Chocolate-Covered Katie. I think The Bug will love this, too.

Carrot Cake Shake

  • For salad night next week, I am totally using this Avocado Ranch Dressing from Ann Sumptuous Spoonfuls. I am thinking grilled flank steak, and not sure what else yet. If I come up with a good combo, you’ll see it.

  • I LOVE pancakes, and I bet I could even make these fluffy clouds from Tastefully Julie with buckwheat or another flour.

Honey Cloud

  • I thought the Buttermilk Pie shared by Melissa at ChinDeep sounded yummy, but when I saw Ann from The Fountain Avenue Kitchen share a gluten-free alternative based on Melissa’s recipe, I had to add it to my list of things to make. But, naturally, I have a couple of idea to switch it up a bit.

  • A Healthy Jalapeño had some cupcakes and oatmeal bars that sound both light and decadent at the same time.

Fresh Strawberry Lemonade Oatmeal Bars

  • I shared some gluten-free muffins last weekend, but these from Dashing Dish have chocolate and bananas and PEANUT BUTTER, and no wheat flour!!!

Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter & Banana Muffins

  • I am a big fan of “re-purposing” leftovers, so I love this article from the NY TImes. By the way, in my ongoing quest to clear out my freezer, I used some odds and ends to make some turkey burgers this week that turned out awesome. I am hoping to share with you soon.
  • Joy the Baker was cracking me up with her ideas for blog posts. I’ll have to remember these. I have already covered five of the ten ideas – a “how-to” post, an “inspired by” post (or several), a “let’s do a list” post (or P O S T S), a “before-and-after” post, and a “somewhat ridiculous unsolicited advice” post. Hopefully I’ll do a giveaway soon!

So excited for Saturday. The Hubby, The Bug, and I are heading “down the shore” for the day. If you are from New Jersey, you know that we rarely say “to the beach” or “to the shore”. We go “down the shore”. Even my super-gramatically-correct friend Kara, who usually drives due east when she wants to see the sand and surf, says it, so that makes it totally acceptable. The Hubby wants to stop at a store to check out some fishing kayaks, then we will get an early dinner, play some games, ride some rides, and get ice cream. But I will try to hold myself to a small, as I continue to practice Mindfulness. Hopefully I’ll have some fun things to share.

I was going to join the cauliflower pizza crust craze tonight, but I think we are going to go out. So I guess that will wait till Monday. Sunday looks like it may be a nice warm day, and The Hubby is home to help cook, so that makes it a perfect night for steaks on the grill.

Have an awesome weekend!

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  1. Great pics of your family! The food looks really great too!
    I’ve made tater tots out of broccoli or cauli (chopped fine in the food processor) and cream cheese, and baked them. I posted the recipe at one point. They’re a little flatter than chubby round real tater tots, but they taste good if you bake long enough!

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