Friday Fun!

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Hi, it’s The Bug, and it’s time for some Friday Fun! Talk about fun – Baby Smiles and I went to visit the Bug Guy…

And I should get all the toys, because obviously I’m a sweet boy…

And a very good Big Brother…

All it takes is some cookie bribery…

And maybe, just maybe I won’t give into temptation and knock this guy over…

I don’t want to make him have “egg on his face”…

He is good enough at doing that to himself  😉

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OK, Mommy’s turn..

Something I love and made this weekHawaiian Scrambled Eggs because when you are trying to pack up two little kids to go visit family, you gotta go quick and easy! (on my Yummy Eats Board)

Something I love and and am just swooning overMashed Sweet Potato Casserole from Wonky Wonderful. I have two words for you – MARSHMALLOW. GRAVY. OMGGGGGG!!!!! (on my OMG Food Board)

Something I love and want to bake Flourless Chocolate Brownies from Nestle – because sometimes you just need basic. And sometimes you just need CHOCOLATE! (on my Gluten Free Baking Inspiration Board)

Something I love and want to cook Heavenly Quinoa and Sweet Potato Cakes from Citronlimette – oh I just love these! (on my Quinoa Obsession Board)

Something I love and want to drink Pomegranate Mimosas from Diethood – I’ll take a double! (on my Drinks & Smoothies Inspiration Board)

Something I love and want to someone to make for me Double Decker Pecan Brie Pie from Something Swanky – because I just want to eat it in all it’s glory without knowing all of the calories that went into it because ignorance is bliss! (on my OMG Food Board)

Something I love and want to put my own spin on – Peppermint Meringue Pillow Cookies from It’s Yummi! – so many ways you could flavor the meringue, stuff between the meringue and the chocolate, types of chocolate. The possibilities are endless! (on my Cookie Obsession Board)

What are your “Somethings”? Leave me some links in the comments!

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Last week, the five most popular recipes were:

#5 – Baked Cauli-Tots
Cauli-Tots 2 title

#4 – Slow-Cooker Apple Cider Pulled Chicken Sandwiches


#3 – Fettuccine Pumpkin Cauli-Fredo

Fettuccine Pumpkin Cauliflower Alfredo 1 title

#2 – Slow Cooker Aloha Chili


#1 – World’s Best Lasagna


This week, well…

I made a favorite recipe, except I didn’t


I tricked The Bug


I went WAAAYYYYBACK to share something that sadly I won’t be making this year

Cinnamon Orange Scented Cranberry Sauce | | #thanksgiving #glutenfree #vegan

And I made my kitchen smell like Christmas


Next week it’s time to get ready for Thanksgiving… and all the leftovers:

  • Sunday – #SundaySupper is sharing what we are thankful for, and I’m sharing a dish I created in honor of the Hubby.
  • Monday – Mama Monday may take a break for the week – I’m on vacation!
  • Tuesday – An awesome way to use up some leftover turkey. Plus it has bacon. And avocado. And can be made regular or gluten free. Win win win win win!
  • Wednesday – Wayback Wednesday, and, umm, my BIRTHDAY!
  • Thursday – Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Friday – Friday Fun!

Have an awesome weekend! As I said earlier, I’d love to see links to your “Somethings”, so leave ’em in the comments!


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