Friday Fun! #1

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Lunch at Computer

Happy Friday everyone! I know I don’t work outside the home, but I still look forward to Friday. I love knowing that The Hubby will be home with me and The Bug for a couple days. I usually have at least one meal planned that is a little more special than our usual Monday to Friday fare. And hopefully we have something fun planned. This weekend it is a Date Night! My dad, Grandpa Yee-Haw (since that is what The Bug says every time he sees him) is coming to babysit. So The Hubby and I get to have a meal alone that isn’t interrupted by someone spitting out food and yelling to have his hands wiped. Unless one of us drinks too much. Kidding! I love my kid, but I have practically every single meal with him, and it gets old.

So in honor of Friday, I decided to start a fun series of posts showing what I am loving this week, mainly from my reading of articles and blogs on the internet.

At this moment, I am loving lunch. Well actually I just finished my last bite. It was a wonderful salad inspired by this Pineapple Arugula Salad from Sumptuous Spoonfuls. I had just cut up a bunch of pineapple the day I saw this recipe, and knew it HAD to be lunch one day this week. I switched it up a bit using what I had in the house – feta instead of goat cheese, pine nuts instead of walnuts, pineapple juice and poppy seeds in the dressing instead of lime juice and mint, and I added a couple strawberries, just because. Yum!

Pinapple Salad from Far Away

Speaking of pineapples and things I love, I love that The Bug calls them “Bye-Bye-Apples.” I have no idea why, but it is so cute!

I am also excited about the chance to win a $50 Visa Gift Card and PEANUT BUTTER(!!!) from Averie Cooks, and to check out her blog. I just found it, and it looks awesome!

Clearly, even after last weekend (or maybe because of last weekend), I still have chocolate on the brain!

Well, I hope you check out some of these links, and have a great weekend. And I’ll leave you with what will probably become my weekly questions:

What are your plans for the weekend? Cooking up anything special?


Pineapple Salad Closeup

  1. Briane! Thank you so so much for your sweet comment on my blog and Im thrilled to get to find yours too – its so much fun ‘meeting’ people in this blogosphere. Especially fellow Committed fans. I hope – for my husbands sake, in terms of him not marrying a nutcase – it caused you to explode with interesting ‘questions’ for your partner too!!

    This salad looks so great! I love tropical fruits in salads… and of course feta is ALWAYS a good thing. Ive just subscribed to your blog and look forward to reading more. Have a great Sunday! xox

  2. So many yummy things to explore! I’m kinda obsessed with all thing avocado…I have them delivered to my door from Cali. Pudding/mousse is my #1 thing to do with them! Matthew won’t eat it (he’s 8), but I’ve fooled other grown-ups by frosting brownies with it and they had no clue it was avos!

    Hope you have a great weekend with your men, and on date night!

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