Last Minute Christmas Shopping Giveaway – Win One of Two $250 Amazon Gift Cards

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Have you been super busy, procrastinating, or are you finished buying gifts for everyone else, and now you are ready to splurge on yourself? Well, my friends and I are here to help you out with our Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Giveaway and your chance to win one of TWO $250 Gift Cards.

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Giveaway - Win One of Two $250 Amazon Gift Cards | | #giveaway<

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All you have to do is enter through the Rafflecopter link below and tell us what gifts are left on your list that you would buy with this gift card. Once you comment, you will have 60 other chances to enter. The giveaway runs from December 16-21, 2013 and two winners will be chosen and notified on December 22, 2013. the winners will then have 48 hours to respond, or another winner will be chosen. Please read the complete Terms & Conditions as this giveaway is only valid for U.S residents only (Sorry, rules of the gift card company prohibit us from offering this outside of the U.S.).

Good Luck and Happy Holidays from:

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  1. Umm Khyair

    I’m not work right now because i decided to go back to school so my list were short this year so i would use this to get something for my wonderful supportive husband.

  2. Fran

    I’m afraid to say what I would spend it on because people can follow your comments and that info might be seen by the wrong person. wink wink!!

  3. Sarah

    All of my family & friends are taken care of but I would (as another commenter stated) to buy a little something for myself. 2013 has been quite a roller coaster ride. πŸ™‚

  4. Joy Meetis

    I would love to get something for my husband. He works very hard for us and this year we only are able to focus on the kids. So winning this would enable me to get him something!

  5. Cindy Dupin

    I would give to my sister, her hubby lost his job, they have a son with autism, and they are having a difficult time right now, especially with Christmas next week… sad !! So wish I could help them out !!!

  6. jen bazyl

    all of my holiday shopping is complete.. so.. if i win the gift card would buy gifts for local families that are struggling this time of year πŸ™‚

  7. Stephanie M.

    I’ve gotten all the gifts for my friends and family, I think I would use the gift card to give myself a little something πŸ˜‰

  8. Laurel

    This would be a wonderful way to help more people enjoy Christmas this year. Food, warm clothes & shoes….so many things are needed.

  9. I’m all done with my shopping for others but while shopping for others I sure did find a lot of stuff I’d like for myself. So, is it bad if I’d use it for myself?

  10. Elaine

    I would buy a camera for my daughter! Can’t afford one this year but she would love have one. So. If I win that’s ill use it tot

  11. Brandi McDuffy

    For the past two years I haven’t been able to get my kids anything big. One got a shirt and a music gift card. The other got a magazine subscribtion and cologne. They are 15 and 13. If I won I would use it on them. Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. Alishia Kuczynski

    I would definitely get The Man a nice, unbreakable watch, and get the kidders a few more things. Plus, we’ve got a new baby on the way, so we could get some things for him too!

  13. Sabrina

    Some things for my husband… we don’t buy gifts for each other because financially we would rather spend the money on our kids and family. But that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love to get him some really cool things! πŸ™‚

  14. Stacy S

    I don’t have anything left on the list, but I’ve been dying for a Kindle. The money is never in the budget and usually any extra goes for the kids, so I’d splurge on myself.

  15. carri a.

    I would spend it on my 5 kids. My husband spent a week in the hospital, and missed over 2’weeks of work. …that left money really tight

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  17. Michelle B

    I have so many books on my Christmas lists that I still need to pick up! I might also get a new pair of running shoes for my boyfriend πŸ™‚

  18. I would buy a gift for my hubby! We don’t normally exchange gifts (for any ‘holidays’ or ocassions…we usually celebrate these by having a nice dinner, and sometimes arranging a sleepover at the grandparents for the kids), but have been known to surprise each other from time to time. I have something in mind, but can’t afford the higher quality version – this would help, and then some! πŸ™‚

  19. Emily

    I’m that annoying person that was finished shopping months ago and has everything wrapped and under the tree ;), but there are a few fun things I’d like from Amazon, some books, etc.

  20. Lisa Jenssen

    I still need to get a great gift for my son who is having a very challenging time right now. He needs a pick me up for sure. He lives 3,000 miles away and I wish he was next door so I could give him a big hug. Winning would give me the chance to make him smile!

  21. Marci H

    This year, right before the holidays my husband got laid off. So this year we’re not doing the kind of Christmas we would like. I would use the Amazon card to buy books & toys that are on our wishlists. I know they would be needed (the books) and appreciated (the toys).

  22. Debbi K.

    I would like to buy my son a trail cam because that is what he most desires for Christmas. This item was too big for Santa’s budget this year.

  23. Martina Robinson

    I still have a full list. It’s not that I am a procrastinator or anything, It’s just that things have been tight this year. So alas, I find myself last minute shopping.

  24. Andrea Basped

    Still have to buy gifts for my 3 daughters and their significant others! After purchasing gifts for 6 grand children, Mom and hubby.. am running low on funds! Tried and failed at winning Mega millions last night:( hope I’m lucky this time! Merry Christmas abd have a prosperous New Year!

  25. Rachel

    Well, I haven’t really done any of my shopping still. I’d love to buy my man another, larger Lodge cast iron skillet and lid. And some new baking pans for myself

  26. Jennifer Tucker

    My 8 yr old son recently added a nutcracker to his Christmas wish list. He’s never asked for something so unique before and it would be wonderful to be able to give him that.

  27. Jenn

    I would buy my daughter the trampoline I desperately wanted to get her, but can’t find locally and can’t afford online (shipping kills!)… and maybe a little something for me and/or the hubby with what’s leftover πŸ™‚

  28. I still need to buy something for my husband. The last few years we have really only bought presents for our son so it would be nice to do something for my hardworking husband this year πŸ™‚

  29. This would be really nice so that I could give my husband something really nice. I don’t always get to give him nice things because I am a stay at home Mom. Just showing my husband that I appreciate what he does is what I would love to do.

  30. Misty thompson

    Oh this is Amazing blessing. We are getting back on our feet after my husbands broken collar bone . We have always wanted to participate in an angel tree but been unable to. Also, his daddy and aunt have been such a blessing would like to get them something. Plus we have been married 8 years and never bought gifts for one another.

  31. Sara C.

    Everything. My girls waited until THIS MORNING to start asking for specific things for Christmas. I had picked up a few little things, but they hadn’t asked for anything so I didn’t go crazy. I’m wishing I had, now!

  32. I don’t have any gifts to get, but my son’s winter coat was damaged by a leak in our apartment and he needs a new one quickly since the temperatures are below zero now.

  33. yahnia

    I still have to buy gifts for my nieces and nephews plus we also celebrate Three kings Day (January 6) and i’ll have to buy gifts for my daughter :))

  34. Majuarmenta

    This would make my christmas because i haven’t had a good year and don’t have spear money for gifts. Thank you. I love your recipes!!

  35. christine attaway

    i would love to win one of the card’s! Money is a little tight, and still have alot of shopping to do. Would love to spend this on my husband that dosn’t ask or expect any thing. He is so deserving of this.

  36. Donna

    I don’t make a list. I give what’s in my heart. If I have to remember what someone needs, then where’s the spirit of Christmas? I would help as many people as I can with this money.

  37. Jewel

    Because I am newly divorced, my daughters are only getting the underwear, socks and fruit gifts. If I won, I would divide the money and buy an outfit for each (and maybe one for me!)

  38. Barbara Bradford

    I would buy books for everyone. I made sure I bought books for the little ones, but with extra money I would go back and start buying books for the adults.

  39. Jennifer Dirling

    Anything and everything for my husband
    He don’t like us buying things for him. He wants the kids completely spoiled. I’m usually last minute shopping for him just because he don’t want me to do it. We totaled our truck in the winter weather just over a week ago and I can’t really get out with three toddlers in this weather to shop!

  40. Julie B.

    I still need to buy for my sister and brother in law, my better half, three friends, and a few more stocking stuffers would be great.

  41. Jo

    I would get my DH some gifts he is the hardest to shop for since if he wants something he just goes and gets it himself. this guy does not bother with wishlists so you have to go outside the box I think I would get him some parts for the classic car he is restoring

  42. Dena Hamlin

    I still need to get my hubby something. We always say we won’t get each other anything but I always manage to sneak a lil something in there. I have yet to do that this year.

  43. Whitney

    I would buy presents for my nieces, nephews, and son. My son especially needs some pretend food and cooking equipment since he wants so much to cook and bake like mommy!

  44. Mary S

    I still need to get the rest of my son-in-laws gifts and the stocking stuffers for my grandkids. I would also like to get each grandkid some new sweaters and slippers. They could use them.

  45. Debbie

    A book and CD for a good friend, and then I’d use the rest – perhaps selfishly – to buy some excellent baking supplies – like some new muffin tins! Thanks for the chance on this – Happy Holidays to all!

  46. Kim Henrichs

    I have a list of DVDs on my wishlist for people that will probably get pushed to birthdays. This would clear that out and then some!

  47. Valerie B

    OH my…I haven’t got my grandkiddos their annual Christmas books and ornaments yet…Amazon might be the way to go, for sure!

  48. Deb

    I’ve finished all my holiday shopping but my husband’s birthday is 6 days before Christmas. I never know what to get him because he always says he doesn’t need anything so I would just give him the gift card and let him splurge on himself! If he doesn’t want it, I would give it to my daughter and son-in-law and let them splurge! If they don’t want it (ha ha!), I would splurge on my beautiful 16 month old grand girl!
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  49. Susan

    Fishing gear for my honey, music and cowgirl boots for my daughter, professional grade cookie sheets for my dad – because he’s the baker in the family!

  50. Mary Beth

    There is so much left in my Amazon Shopping Cart – It’s been my shopping list for a month now, and there are about a dozen gifts in there – Sneakers for my little boy, a gift my husband asked for, and more.
    Thanks for a great contest!

  51. Daria Hezel

    Times have been a little tough lately so this would help a lot – I would be able to buy my wonderful husband something really nice!
    Merry Christmas!

  52. Kathy Burland

    I would buy my Hubby of 30 years a nice Razor……we have had a lot of health issue this year..a lot of missed work… no gifts for each other!!!!!

  53. Kimarie S

    I actually don’t know what I’m going to get for the last 2 people on my shopping list….. I was just going to head over to the mall and find something that speaks to me.

  54. Tziona

    More gifts for me. Cake decorating stuff or maybe jewelry. Or maybe I would use it for home decorating. I have an unfinished doorway waiting for french doors.

  55. Christine M.

    My family was great this year because they all created wishlists on Amazon…so I did nearly all of my shopping through Amazon. My husband (who is always the last one I shop for) had a whole bunch of gym equipment and gear on his list that I was thinking of getting for him. This gift card would be SO very helpful!

    Thank you!!

  56. Lisa S

    I would buy something for my husband, son, and myself as we are both disabled and money is tight on a fixed income. I would also use one to get my sister and her children gifts as my sister has MS also and is struggling right now as she is unable to work fulltime.

  57. Jill Timms.

    Have the children bought for, but would love to buy my husband so ethi g. I’m a stay at home mom and don’t have funds for my sweet husbands gifts. Wow, he would e so surprised he always misses out on Christmas.

  58. Cindy Dupin

    I would give it to my sister, her husband lost his job and they have a son with Autism, who won’t have much of a Christmas !!!!!

  59. Daisy

    I have yet to get any gifts. Since money is tight this year as a college student, soon to be graduate. With this Amazon gift card, I will purchase a gift for my parents! πŸ™‚

  60. Angela Higdon

    I still need 2 playstation cards, 2 nintendo ds content cards, 2 apple cards, a Zelda DS game, a PS4 game, sigh…the list goes on and on.

  61. Cokie Evans

    What’s left on my List? Everybody but my son! I haven’t bought anything for my co-workers or my parents, it’s just been a tough year this year with too much else going on.

  62. Nichole

    What would I buy….well, with moving and my husband finding a new job it’s been a rough year on us financially. I would use this gift card to buy some presents for our kids. And maybe a small cakey item for myself!

  63. Diane

    My son will be here for Christmas for the first time in four years. I would love to buy him and his wife lots of fun things from Santa.

  64. Allison

    I still have to get shoes for my husband, a toy for a niece, and clothes for my son. I’m having to wait until this Friday. (Payday)

  65. Nicole

    Money is tight this year, so my husband and I didn’t buy each other gifts. It would be nice to get to do that. That’s what I would use it for.

  66. Cindi Jones

    I haven’t bought any gifts yet this year. Everything has to be homemade.. no extra cash for buying. Baking some goodies for my children and sewing pillows for the Grandchildren. If I had the gift card I would definitely buy a lego table for 2 of the Grandsons, a beautiful dolly for my Granddaughter, and Minecraft games for my other 2 Grandsons. My children would get dinner certificates for a date night. πŸ™‚

  67. LL-LindaLee

    I haven’t gotten my sister anything…so I think I would use the gift card to buy her a Kindle or something cool like that. She’s the BEST sister ever and we live almost 800 miles away, I miss her so much. It would be great to win…good luck to everyone!

  68. Kathy Kirkland

    Well, the box opened the rest of the way, so……… What I would buy with a gift card . I really would love an outdoor 2 burner propane cooker so when I move to Alaska next spring I can set up my canning center outdoors as I live in a little trailer currently, my new little home should be ready in the fall. Don’t want to miss out on canning though cause there will be all kinds of wild berries, garden produce and meats from hunting to be preserved.

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