The Twelve Guest Posts & Roundups of Christmas Giveaway

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Since it’s Thanksgiving today, I think it’s time to start spreading some holiday cheer, so Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Hammy Kwanzaa, and an all around Happy Holidays! And because I’m so thankful for all of my readers and want go give you all sorts of holiday gifts (and I’m swamped with moving into a new house), not only do I have a month of amazing recipes and roundups from my fabulous foodie friends, but I also have some incredible prizes in The Twelve Guest Posts & Roundups of Christmas Giveaway.

The Twelve Guest Posts & Roundups of Christmas Giveaway

If you’ve read my blog at all over the past couple months, you know we’ve been going a bit crazy with The Hubby starting a new job out of state, selling our home and moving to a new one. If I were a good food blogger, I’d have been prepping holiday recipes in September and October to share with you all month. But two boys, countless buyers and inspectors, and no Hubby during the week means I was barely feeding us, nevermind styling and photographing and writing anymore than the bare minimum.

Luckily I have some awesome friends pitching in to help me out in my virtual kitchen while I set up my brand spanking new kitchen! Just like my usual mix of healthy eats and decadent treats, these guest posts will feature a little of everything. Check out this lineup…

11/30 – Cravings of a Lunatic
12/2 – Petite Allergy Treats
12/4 – food Faith Fitness
12/5 – The Bitter Side of Sweet
12/9 – Love and Confections
12/11 – That Skinny Chick Can Bake
12/12 – The Joyful Foodie
12/14 – Heather’s French Press
12/16 – Food Done Light
12/18 – The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen
12/19 – Mom’s Test Kitchen
12/21 – Lemons for Lulu

In addition, we are giving you the chance to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card, plus your choice of two cookbooks: Dessert Mashups by Dorothy Kern

AND Party Popcorn by Ashton Swank OR The Everything Wheat-Free Diet Cookbook by Lauren Kelly AND Sugar-Free Mom by Brenda Bennett. (P.S. those are affiliate links, in case you can’t wait and want to buy any of these cookbooks NOW!). Giveaway is open to U.S. residents 18 years of age and older, and you have till 11:59 pm on December 23rd to enter. Don’t worry – we’ll remind you all month!

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And make sure you come back throughout the month to check out all of the December deliciousness!

  1. Bev

    I would buy my mom a gift. She quit her job to be my full time care giver after I became ill and can no longer work,live on my own,cook and drive. She deserves a present just for her. She really is a super mom. Thank you for the chance!

  2. Candy Walsh

    My 19 year old son was diagnosed with wheat, milk and peanut allergies just 3 days before my daughters wedding in October. He is an avid cyclist and this has turned our household upside down to say the least. He was very sick for almost a month before they diagnosed him. It has been a nightmare trying to figure out how to cook for him and keep him full and satisfied.
    I was so blessed to literally stumble over your website and have gotten so much useful information and recipes. So thank you for what you’re doing, you’re a godsend for parents like me. I’m not a great enthusiastic cook to begin with, so this really threw me and I don’t know how old your kids are but teenagers eat you out of house and home, especially active ones. And now it seems that there’s hardly anything at all that he can just snack on and really enjoy. He’s lost over 21 pounds and that worries me. He keeps track on his bike and he burns about 2800 calories when he puts in a good ride and he barely takes in half of that.
    Sorry this is so long, but again, I sincerely thank you and please continue your page~I need you, lol.
    Winning all those great prizes wouldn’t be bad either!

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