Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Popcorn

A fun popcorn snack with the crunch of pecans, a little kick of bourbon, and lots of chocolate!


  • 8 c popped popcorn (see Note)
  • 1 c chopped pecans
  • 12 oz. dark or semisweet melting chocolate discs or wafers, or almond bark
  • 1/2 c bourbon


  1. Place the popcorn in a large bowl and pour the pecans over the top. Don't mix or toss because then the pecans will just go to the bottom of the bowl.
  2. Add the chocolate and bourbon to a bowl or top portion of a double boiler and set over a pot of simmering water on low heat, and gently stir and melt the chocolate. I do not recommend melting the chocolate in the microwave because the liquid may make it more likely to seize and solidify.
  3. Pour the melted chocolate over the popcorn and pecans and gently toss until it is evenly and thoroughly coated.
  4. Spread the popcorn onto a silicone baking mat or wax paper lined baking sheet and allow to cool to room temperature and firm up.
  5. Once completely cooled, store in an airtight container.


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