You're busy! You're stressed! You're hungry!
But you're also GLUTEN FREE!

Yes, you can have dinner in a snap!

That’s right, gluten free meals that you can make easily, adjust as needed for those that still want their “regular” bread or pasta, and even please picky eaters. Plus a quick and easy way to plan it all.

And you can start TONIGHT!

What will Back Pocket Meals do for you?


What if  THIS WEEK you could start creating a meal plan that makes it easier to prepare dinner each night and even has a strategy for leftovers?


What if TONIGHT you could start making dinners with easy-to-find ingredients and fewer of those expensive special gluten free products?


What if RIGHT NOW you can learn tips and tricks to make one delicious gluten free meal that everyone can enjoy together

You dream of wholesome and satisfying meals that don’t taste like cardboard, money in your pocket because you are not spending a fortune on tons of overly-processed “special” gluten free ingredients or wasting leftovers, and the calm that comes from not having to stress and scramble at the last minute.

You wish you could pull dinner right out of your back pocket…

What Back Pocket Meals Is:

  • A system that works whether you menu plan, meal prep, or decide last minute what to make.
  • A focus on naturally gluten free ingredients so everyone is enjoying delicious food, no complaining about gluten free food.
  • An approach based on simple recipes you can make when the last thing you want to do is cook or you barely have time to cook.
  • An alternative to always ordering takeout, spending all that money, and not always having gluten free options besides the same old salad.
  • A way to reinvent that fridge full of leftovers that nobody wants to eat so you don't waste more time or money.

What Back Pocket Meals Isn't:

  • A rigid menu that you have to stick to week after week, but gives you options to make old favorites new ways.
  • A meal plan that uses lots of packaged gluten free products, but doesn't complete avoid all convenience ingredients.
  • A set of recipes for those that completely avoid meat or dairy, but there are sometimes ways to adapt.
  • A way to completely get out of cooking, but rather a way to simplify planning and cooking.

Why It's Different!

There are plenty of recipes and meal plans out there with ideas to whip together dinner quickly. But not many have those that are GLUTEN FREE in mind. 

Only Back Pocket Meals shows you how you can easily make GLUTEN FREE DINNERS that even have options to accommodate different needs and preferences AND adjust whether you menu plan, meal prep, or just go one day at a time. Some nights you won’t even have to cook at all!

Can you imagine...

✓ You’ll be able to manage different diets or food preferences without making multiple dishes!

✓ You’ll put an end to the dinnertime battles!

✓ You’ll save stress, anxiety, TIME, and MONEY!

✓ You’ll feel like a total ROCK STAR!

You might even get the kids to try some new veggies! 😮

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What they’re saying about Back Pocket Meals

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After 5 years of being a stay at home mom, deciding what to make for dinner was becoming the worst part of my day. Enter the "Back Pocket Meals". This has saved my sanity! Fast, easy meals all organized with a menu AND a shopping list. It's a busy mom's dream come true! And I mean that - every word! Thank you so much!! -Michelle

Here is what you get…

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The Ultimate Guide to Back Pocket Meals

  • Why I love this approach and how it can work for you.
  • A strategy to reinvent your own favorite dishes.
  • How menu planners, meal preppers, or those that decide last minute can use the system.
  • A blank template so you can plan your own menu using the recipes in the eBooks plus your own favorite dishes.
  • Four weeks of meals already planned out for you with shopping lists so you can see the system in action! 
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One Dish, Three Ways

  • Learn how 5 basic recipes become 15 different meals.
  • Meet the needs of different diets and preferences without cooking a different meal for everyone.
  • Get instructions to double and freeze recipes so you can use it for meal prep or sticking your freezer.
  • Reinvent leftovers.
  • The ultimate time and sanity saver, and the core of the system!

20 Fast And Easy Dinner Staples

  • Recipes using most popular and even budget-friendly meats and seafood, plus common, easy-to-find ingredients that you always have on hand.
  • The answer to everyone’s question asking what is for dinner tonight!

Six Sides, Five Ways

  • Master the basics of staple side dishes.
  • With five cooking methods for each, you can find what’s best for you based on the equipment and time you have.
  • Swapping sides creates endless meal possibilities for all of your favorite recipes!
Ebook cover on a table screen showing roasted vegetables with text "Easy Side Dishes".

Easy Side Dishes

  • 20 recipes for everything from veggies to potatoes, grains to carb alternatives.
  • Go beyond the basics with easy recipes that adds tons of flavor.
  • Even when you make the same main dishes, adding new sides turns it into an entirely new meal!

Are you ready to get back to enjoying delicious GLUTEN FREE dinners

WHILE you save time, money, and stress?

When you sign up today, you’ll get:

✔ The Ultimate Guide to Back Pocket Meals with all of the tips and strategies.

✔ 5 eBooks with all of the recipes you’ll need (over 70!).

✔ 4 weeks of meals planned out for you, plus grocery shopping lists.

✔ Templates to make your own menu plan and lists.

✔All the tips and tricks you need to do it yourself!

✔ MY SUPPORT: Join the Gluten Free Recipes for Everyone Facebook group where you can ask me questions any time!

Save $50 and snag it for $47!

Did Someone Say Bonuses?

Simple Sauces & Salad Dressings

  • An easy homemade dressing turns lettuce into a simple side dish or random leftovers into a new lunch or dinner.
  • A drizzle of a sauce changes up a meal just enough to make it interesting.
  • And when you are out of time or ideas for getting the family to eat veggies, just pull out some carrots and cucumbers and whip up a quick dip.

Buy it, try it, apply it. You’re backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

For those of you who have tried menu plans in the past that just didn’t work for you or you just really don’t know me that well yet, I want to give you every opportunity to put The Ultimate Guide to Back Pocket Meals into action in your busy life. I want you to be able to see how much easier dinnertime can be.

That’s why I am going to give you a full 60 days to go through the guide, try the 4 week meal plan, then apply everything you’ve learned with your family’s favorite meals from the books and ones you already make and love.

If you aren’t satisfied, just let me know!

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Brianne! I’m a busy mom living a gluten free life with typical kids who do not want to eat everything! I create and share recipes and tips for no-fuss meals, snacks, and sweets that my family doesn’t even realize are gluten free. It’s all about easy and delicious food that will save you time, money, and stress!

I believe life is all about balance, like work and fun, family-time and self-care, ice cream and salad… Cupcakes & Kale Chips!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the recipes gluten free?

Yes, all of the recipes are gluten free or can be made gluten free with a simple swap. But no crazy ingredients here. Other than possibly picking up gluten free rolls or pasta, all of the other ingredients are naturally gluten free and can be found in the regular grocery store.

Do you have low carb recipes?

Many of the recipes are low carb or have low or lower carb serving options. Feel free to also substitute low carb versions of sweeteners, condiments, etc.

When it comes to cooking I’m disorganized and my time is limited - will this work for me?

You do NOT have to be someone who plans out all of your meals in advance or meal preps on the weekend to make this work. First of all, you get the first 4 weeks all planned out for you. After that, you’ll start to learn your go-to recipes and start to keep the staples on hand so you can throw dinner together at the last minute. Plus, as you learn to make different swaps, you’ll be able to make a meal based on what you have.

Will this actually help people with picky kids who only want chicken nuggets?

You’ll be surprised! Sometimes just changing things up will have kids looking at their food in a different way and maybe even open to trying new things. Especially when you have the flexibility to incorporate parts of the meal they love with something new. 

I have one kid who won’t eat mashed potatoes, so I pile my Shepherd’s Pie filling into baked potatoes. Another doesn’t like rice, but will eat stir fry with ramen noodles or zoodles. One likes steamed broccoli but the other prefers it raw, so I just set some aside uncooked. One doesn’t love chicken, so he may eat a little, but there are plenty of sides (and maybe even some cheese for protein) to fill him up.

What if I am dairy free?

In many cases, you can omit cheese or substitute milk for a nondairy milk, but these substitutions have not been tested.

Will this work for vegetarians or vegans?

I’ll be honest with you, I have a family of meat eaters. If you are experienced with plant-based substitutions, you can definitely experiment. But the recipes have not been tested that way, and most of the main courses contain beef, chicken, seafood, or eggs.

I live by myself/just with one other person -  is this helpful for just one/two people? 

Totally! Even though the recipes usually serve 4-6, many can be frozen. And you’ll learn creative ways to turn those leftovers into a completely new meal, whether it’s for another dinner, lunch during the week, or if you freeze it for another time. That means you can stretch this 4 week meal plan out to last 6-8 weeks!

We have 3 different diets in one household. Would this be helpful for people like us?

Yes, many of the recipes and meal ideas offer flexibility so that you can easily manage different diets and preferences. You can serve one dish in different ways so that you don’t have to make multiple meals.

Still not sure Back Pocket Meals are for you?

It’s a perfect fit if you LOVE

  • Feeling good because you are avoiding gluten!
  • Homemade meals, but feel like you can’t make them every night!
  • Simple tips so you can save time, money, and stress!
  • Family-favorite dishes, though you get tired of the same thing over and over!
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Get The Gluten Free Guide to Back Pocket Meals today!

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✔ The Ultimate Guide to Back Pocket Meals with all of the tips and strategies

✔ 5 eBooks with over 70 recipes you’ll need

✔ 4 weeks of meals planned out for you, plus grocery shopping lists

✔ Templates to make your own menu plan and lists

✔All the tips and tricks you need to do it yourself!

✔ MY SUPPORT: Join the Gluten Free Recipes for Everyone Facebook group where you can ask me questions any time!