A few things I love! (And some things I don’t)


This weekend was filled with so many of the things I love.

The Bug!  Cooking with The BugHe was my “Little Chef” on Friday night.  It is fun having him in the kitchen with me.  Makes Daddy a little nervous, though.

The Hubby!  Daddy and Tyler on the CarouselI may not work outside the home, but I still look forward to weekends when The Hubby is home.  One of the nice things is that he sometimes lets me stay in bed and gets up with The Bug, or I can get out for some errands without the little guy and all of his associated gear in tow.  But what I really love is the time all three of us spend together, and watching daddy and boy interacting together.  During the week, by the time The Hubby gets home from work, we have dinner, and The Bug is pretty much exhausted.

Pancakes!  Pancakes from The Brownstone DinerWe enjoyed a delicious pancake breakfast at The Brownstone Diner & Pancake Factory in Jersey City, NJ.  Awesome!  I was too busy feeding my face and The Bug’s, so I stole this picture, because I didn’t take one.

Science!Tyler at LSC  We took The Bug to the Liberty Science Center.  I think he learned more about how to climb on different shapes and sizes of chairs and benches than he did about science, but that’s OK.  He had a blast!  And I had a blast watching him run around, squealing with delight.

Cooking! Stuffed Shells & Meatballs I made a bunch of stuffed shells and meatballs for a woman in my Mom’s Group who just had a new baby.  Snuck some veggies in the meatballs, in case she is having the same pickiness issue in her 22-month-old that is suddenly and unexpectedly coming up with my 22-month-old.  With the mess I made, I wish my mom had been around to clean up after me.  Oh, and for making stuffed shells, I highly recommend this.

Baking!Pumpkin Cupcake  I made these Pumpkin Cupcakes from The Crabby Cook, Jessica Harper.  I used a little maple syrup cream cheese glaze to make them more muffin-y than cupcake-y.  Kept a few for us, and giving some to that same mom (still sneaking in veggies).

So as I was thinking about these things I love, and roaming around the blogosphere scoping out some recipes and inspiration and pretty pictures, I started to think that I should tell you a bit more about my likes and dislikes.  I was reading the name of a recipe, and it went something like this – Mushrooms (Yum!) Stuffed with (Double Yum!) Brie (Triple Yum!) and Crab (Wait, hold up, no way!!).  I love to try new foods, but there are some thing that I just don’t like.  And I only like to cook things that I like to eat.  Call me selfish, but whatever, it’s my kitchen.  So you will never see any recipes on here that contain the following:

  • Raw onions – I swear, if I ask for no onions on my salad, and if there is one little, tiny speck, I will taste it for the next three weeks.
  • Crab – I’ve tried it plain, dipped in butter, au gratined, caked, and I just cannot find any preparation that tastes remotely good to me.
  • Canned tuna – Just can’t get past the smell to bring myself to put it in my mouth.
  • Indian food – I like it, but it doesn’t like me, though I am willing to experiment with some Indian spices.
  • Sauerkraut – I am Polish, so this is pretty much sacrilege, but it’s just not gonna happen.

In my first post, I mentioned a few of my favorite foods, but there are many more things that I LOVE LOVE LOVE:

  • ICE CREAM!!!!! – ‘Nuff said
  • Cheese – Brie, Blue, Cheddar, Gouda, Gruyere, Parmigiano…  I am an equal opportunity cheese lover.
  • Butternut squash
  • Asparagus
  • Mushrooms
  • Filet mignon – Medium rare, please.
  • Grapes & cottage cheese – I know, a little weird, but it is my favorite afternoon snack.
  • Peanut Butter – My technique for eating an apple with peanut butter: 1) Get a scoop of peanut butter, and slice an apple.  2)  Smear a minute amount of the peanut butter on a few of the apple slices.  3)  Eat the apple slices.  4)  Eat the remainder of the scoop of peanut butter.  Sometimes I bypass the apple altogether.
  • Cashews
  • Chocolate Banana Smoothies – since I can’t eat ice cream EVERY night.
  • Pancakes – I am pretty much a pancake snob.
  • Wine – Pretty much anything except white zinfandel.  No, I am not a snob.  I’ll drink cheap wine.  Just don’t like white zin.

So tell me more about you.  What are some of your likes and dislikes (food, hobbies, etc.)?


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  1. Debbie says

    My husband was on a business trip and was away for Valentine’s Day so I took my sister to the Brownstone Diner for dinner. Had pancakes. They were awesome!

    Enjoy the time with the bug. I was home for 15 years with my 3 children and loved every moment.

  2. says

    Yep, wine, cheese, peanut butter, and cashews would be on my list too…yum!
    I will say, I have a very deep love for crab. Crab cakes, and lump crab dumped on a salad….it makes me so happy, I can’t stand it! It’s a good thing we don’t all love the same things…how boring would that be!

  3. Toniann says

    Hi Brianne,

    I stumbled across your blog and I really enjoy your recipes and your writing. I always said that my dream is to have a food/fitness blog one day but havent fully committed to it…yet. Anywhoo, I love the Brownstone Diner and was elated that you ate there and even more so that you posted a picture of it! I do have a question for you if and while I have your attention, how did you come up with the cute name “The Bug” for your son? I apologize if you mentioned it somewhere on this website but I never came across it. Keep the entries and the recipes flowing, I’m enjoying them!

    • says

      Aww, thanks. You are too sweet. It took me awhile to commit to it, but it is fun. The Brownstone is awesome! And The Bug – I never mentioned it, but really because there is no story. When he was a newborn, I just started calling him my Bug, and it stuck. It might have been because of this one really cute outfit he had with bugs all over it, but I have been calling him that for two years, so I just can’t even remember.


  1. […] I love Jessica’s How Sweet It Is blog.  Her photos are amazing (something I aspire to), and she cracks me up regularly.  You would think by the name that her blog would be all about desserts.  Well, she does have some A-MAZ-ING desserts.  But oftentimes, it is her savory recipes that catch my attention.  Like this Springtime Jasmine Rice Salad.  Mushrooms, asparagus…  mmmmm!!!!  My favorites. […]

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