Mommy & Daddy Getaway in Annapolis – another sort-of #WIAW


Yum I love The Bug, but he has definitely hit The Terrible Twos.  So this weekend away that The Hubby and I had planned was perfectly timed.  My husband is a big Blues fan, and he had heard that a band he likes was headlining the Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival.  So we thought this would… 

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Happy Birthday to The Bug – a little ice cream, some Mexican food, and a super fun baseball party!


Yum Hi!  I am The Bug, and I just turned 2! As with everything else in this family, most of the celebrating revolved around food.  Mommy made these yummy Chocolate Coconut Salted Caramel Cupcakes to bring to my friends at the church.  Plus she wanted some for herself, since they are gluten-free, and she couldn’t… 

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Restaurant Review: Catherine Lombardi (and a little pre-dinner at Daryl) – #WIAW (sort of)


Yum I have seen a lot of bloggers post “What I Ate Wednesday.”  Of course, most of the ones I have seen are the healthy bloggers, who post their green smoothies, and black bean burgers, and kale salads.  Well, I figured it was time for me to participate.  Except that I didn’t actually eat any… 

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Friday Fun! April 20, 2012


Yum The Bug just absolutely passed out.  I guess three hours at the park will do that to you.  So I just finished up an odds and ends lunch of a salad with the leftover half of a chicken breast from a dinner I made the other night that I stupidly did not photograph, and… 

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Friday Fun! March 16, 2012

Apple cheddar and almond salad with balsamic maple dijon vinaigrette

Yum Happy Friday again everyone!  I’m back for another edition of Friday Fun.  I’ll tell you what’s not so fun is that I am starting to write this at 2:50am.  Why, you ask?  Well, for some reason I m having a bout of insomnia tonight, and just as I was starting to wind down, The… 

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Living the Sweet (and Savory) Life this Weekend in Rehoboth Beach

Yum a.k.a. Why I eat lots of salad and workout a lot during the week… Throughout my whole life, my mom and I were likethis.  We did EVERYTHING together.  And yes, “likethis” and “EVERYTHING” deserve the visual emphasis.  So needless to say, even though I was thrilled about beginning married life with my wonderful new… 

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The Bug vs. Guac

Yum The Bug and I are visiting my mom for the weekend in Delaware.  We just arrived late this afternoon, so decided to go out to eat at La Tonalteca in Rehoboth Beach.  Well, Mom and I got to witness our own version of Man vs. Food. THE BUG vs. GUAC [youtube] I’ve think… 

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