White Chocolate Cranberry Cashew Oatmeal Cookies for the #FBCookieSwap


Wait, wait, wait, let’s edit that title up there a bit. Today we reveal our recipes for the Food Blogger Cookie Swap, and if I am going to reveal the full name of the cookies I made, it’s Flourless Browned Butter White Chocolate Cranberry Cashew Oatmeal Cookies. Crisp and chewy oatmeal cookies studded with white… 

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Pina Colada Overnight Oats


You’ve been pumpkin-ed and apple-d left and right the past few weeks, right?  And when lovely bloggers like me aren’t overloading you on various winter squash, it’s Halloween candy.  But as the days get darker and shorter, don’t you think you need to start your morning with a little reminder of fun and sun?  Then… 

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{flourless} Monster Cookie Dough Dip for a #SundaySupper Halloween Party


#SundaySupper is having a monster of a Halloween Party, so naturally I had to make you {flourless} Monster Cookie Dough Dip!  You’ve seen those recipes for Monster Cookies, right?  Basically they are a peanut butter oatmeal cookie loaded with chocolate chips and M&M’s or other candies.  Well, imagine a bowl full of the cookie dough! … 

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Mexican Chocolate Pudding (or Brownie) Oatmeal


I am clearly setting a bad example for my son.  I mean this Mexican Chocolate Pudding (or Brownie) Oatmeal is what I eat for breakfast everyday!  He has his bowl of fruit and plain yogurt with some nuts or ground flax seeds or chia seeds and watches me eat this.  I’m a terrible mother.

Chocolate Almond Banana Oatmeal and “Gateway Foods”


So I had planned a completely different post to go up today – a nice, healthy snack/breakfast for you or your kids, no measuring involved.  Well, that will go up tomorrow.  I just had to share what I had for breakfast today.  If you have been following the March Foodie Photo a Day on Instagram,… 

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