Worcestershire Blue Cheese Volcano Burgers


Yum Valentine’s Day is this week, and if I were a good food blogger, I’d be bringing you something red-velvety and whipped creamy and oozing with chocolate.  But I guess I’m not a good food blogger, because instead I am bringing you something meaty and juicy and oozing with cheese.  Sorry… Yum

Roasted Veggie Balsamic Meatloaf and Manly Men Meals


Yum So I think I mentioned that last weekend I had my four generations of men for dinner last Sunday.  Well, what better for a good, manly men meal than meatloaf, right?! But you know I had to get some veggies in.  When I saw this Roasted Veggie Meatloaf with Balsamic Glaze from Ann at The… 

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Balsamic Ketchup… on fries… and tots… and burgers… and eggs… and carrots and peas and cauliflower?!?!


Yum The Bug needs this shirt… Or this one…   Or maybe even this one… (all shirts and images from Cafe Press) You see, while he is a very good eater, there are some times that he is very picky.  Except when you cover something in some sort of sauce, or give him a little… 

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