Wayback Wednesday – Sage Cornbread Muffins with Cranberry Orange Butter & #Giveaway Recap

Yum Since The Bug starts school today, I don’t yet have any school lunches to share, so I thought I would try something I’ll call Wayback Wednesday, where I bring back a recipe from the past, maybe re-edit the photos, maybe make it again and retake them, and share it with those of you who… 

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“Bobby Flay Corn” with Chili & Lime


Yum Last month, I went out on a bit of a limb for the Improv Cooking Challenge, taking the savory route with Cherries & Almonds.  For this month, I guess I kind of played it safe with the Corn & Butter.  New Jersey corn, when in season, is amazing.  I know that there are lots… 

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“Campfire Potatoes” with @LandOLakesKtchn Olive Oil & Sea Salt Butter


Yum I was never much of an outdoorsy girl.  I was a Girl Scout, and I was OK in a tent, but really I was much happier in a hotel.  And I am down with the Quality Inn and have even stayed in a Motel 6 or two in my day.  I don’t need the… 

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