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We’re back for another Improv Challenge, and I love that instead of going with something stereotypically “late December”, like eggnog or peppermint or gingerbread, we are all whipping up recipes using Lime & White Chocolate! I decided to make pie. Only a whole lot easier. All the flavor of the classic Key Lime Pie in a sweet and yummy snack mix that takes only minutes to make – Key Lime Pie Muddy Buddies!

Key Lime Pie Muddy Buddies | | #muddybuddies #puppychow #keylimepie

OK, let’s talk Muddy Buddies. You know, the cereal squares coated in melted chocolate and peanut butter, then shaken all up with powdered sugar. Or, as I like to call them – Crack! I really never know what to call this stuff. I mean, I suppose Muddy Buddies work when you use dark or milk chocolate because they do have kind of a muddy look about them. But really, the name isn’t all that appealing. And then when you make them out of white chocolate, it totally doesn’t work.

I have a version coming on Sunday that I called Snow Buddies, but for that flavor, it works. Key Lime? Snow? I don’t think so.

And then there is the ever-popular Puppy Chow. Except maybe it isn’t so popular. I brought some to a mom’s group, said it was Puppy Chow, and somebody asked me if it was for people to eat. Disclaimer: this was before she tasted it. #fail

So there is also just Chex Mix, but to me that conjures up images of pretzels and peanuts and something salty for snacking while watching football. And you know, trademarks and all. Cereal Treats – those are the bars made with melted marshmallows. Not gonna work.

Sugary Cereal Square Snack Bites Treats Mix Awesome Deliciousness?

Oh gosh, I’m done. I went with Muddy Buddies. Maybe I should have gone with Key Lime Crack. Because for you citrus lovers out there – seriously addictive, people! And the fact that it takes about five minutes to make. Umm, yeah…

Key Lime Pie Muddy Buddies | | #muddybuddies #puppychow #keylimepie

So what did I do here? Not much, really, This is super duper easy. From the traditional Muddy Buddy recipe, I swapped out the milk or semisweet chocolate chips and peanut butter for white chocolate chips and butter, added some lime juice and zest (don’t get all up on me – I know they aren’t technically key limes. Sorry.), and there in some graham cracker pieces for “crust”. Melt the chips and stuff, stir together with the cereal, toss in a big old ziploc bag with powdered sugar and let the 3-year old shake it up. Definitely a fun snack to make with the kids.

One disclaimer, I think because white chocolate is just weird and also because of the lime juice, it looks a little funky and thick when you melt it. Just pout it over the cereal and toss around a bit. It’ll get coated enough to make it sticky for the powdered sugar to cling to all the pieces in a sweet and yummy coating.

Want to make it gluten free? Instead of the cup of graham cracker pieces, just use all Chex (I think even a cup of the Cinnamon Chex would be awesome for a little graham-cracker-ish-ness), or grab some gluten free graham crackers. Easy peasy!

Key Lime Pie Muddy Buddies | | #muddybuddies #puppychow #keylimepie

As I mentioned, this recipe is part of the Improv Challenge, which is a blog hop hosted by Kristen of Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker. A theme is given, which is two assigned ingredients. Then it is up to the participating bloggers to let the creative juices flow, and see what they can come up with. Then on the third Thursday of the month, we will all publish our new recipes based on the theme. This month’s theme – lime & white chocolate. If you are have a blog and would like to join us, click on the picture to the below to learn more. If you are new to my blog, finding me because you have been following the Improv Challenge, then WELCOME!

Improv Challenge

Check out the links at the bottom of this post to more great Lime & White Chocolate Recipes!  I can’t wait to see what everyone has come up with!

Key Lime Pie Muddy Buddies | | #muddybuddies #puppychow #keylimepieOK, tell me Muddy Buddies, Puppy Chow, Chex Mix, Cereal Snack Mix – what should I have called these?

Key Lime Pie Muddy Buddies
All the flavor of the classic Key Lime Pie in a sweet and yummy snack mix that takes only minutes to make! Make sure you double the recipe to feed the whole gang!
Recipe type: Dessert, Snack
  • 1 c powdered sugar
  • 4 c of your favorite Chex cereal
  • About 1 c (about four rectangular sheets) graham crackers broken into pieces similar in size to the Chex (see Note)
  • 1½ c white chocolate chips
  • 2 T unsalted butter
  • 1 t vanilla
  • 2 t lime zest
  • 1 T lime juice
  1. Place powdered sugar in a large zip top plastic bag and set aside.
  2. Gently toss together the Chex and graham cracker pieces in a large bowl.
  3. Combine the white chocolate chips, butter, vanilla, lime zest and lime juice in a bowl and gently melt in the microwave or over a double boiler. If doing it in the microwave, use 50% power and stir every 15-30 second until melted. It may look slightly thick and clumpy.
  4. Pour chocolate mixture over the Chex mixture and gently stir and toss until fully coated, breaking up any large clumps that may form.
  5. Transfer the cereal mixture to the plastic bag with the powdered sugar seal and toss until fully coated.
  6. Pour out onto a sheet pan lined with a nonstick baking mat or wax paper and allow to cool and harden.
  7. Store in an airtight container.
To make this gluten free, use another 1 c Chex (perhaps try the Cinnamon Sugar Chex), or gluten free graham crackers.


Key Lime Pie Muddy Buddies | | #muddybuddies #puppychow #keylimepie

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  1. Lesa @ Edesia's Notebook says

    Yummy! I grew up calling these Puppy Chow, but I think Muddy Buddies is more common. That’s what Chex calls them. Your key lime version sounds really good. Can’t wait to try it!

  2. says

    I have had Muddy Buddies recipes “pinned” for ever & still have not made any! Since Key Lime is the hubs’ absolute favorite dessert, I must try your recipe. Thanks!

  3. says

    I love puppy chow! It’s so addictive. I make all different kinds and making them fruity is a great idea. I wondered if fruit juice and zest could be added. Most orange/lime/lemon versions I see use cake mix or something weird so I love this!

  4. Kim says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE anything citrus and can’t wait to try these!!! Just a thought…. for the “graham-y” part….how about throwing some graham cracker crumbs into the mix instead of the pieces???

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