Creamy Cranberry Dijon Dipping Sauce


It’s only appropriate that today I bring you something quick, easy, and, well pink…

Creamy Cranberry Dijon Dipping Sauce | Cupcakes  Kale Chips 2013 | 2 title wm

You see, The Bug has another ear infection.  Make that a double ear infection.  No, wait, a “whopper” of a double ear infection (his pediatrician’s technical term).  Naturally he showed no symptoms other than a lightly stuffy nose, didn’t pull his ear, no fever, told me that his ear didn’t hurt, despite me asking him pretty much every thirty seconds.  So, it’s back to the “pink stuff” – good ol’ antibiotics.  Oh geez, I can’t believe I wrote a whole post on this once before for another pink recipe.  Is it weird I make pink foods that aren’t desserts?

Oh, and the only reason I knew he had the ear infection?  Because I took him to the doctor for an obvious case of pinkeye.  Sorry, totally not appetizing.  But this stuff is…

Creamy Cranberry Dijon Dipping Sauce | Cupcakes  Kale Chips 2013 | 3 wm

Five ingredients, five minutes, and you have another healthy and fast dip that you can use to get your kids to eat something otherwise offensive.  Quick and easy recipes (and quick and easy blog posts) are about all I have time for, since it has been a busy week taking care of my sick boy who hasn’t been napping well.  But today he was back at school, and came home exhausted.  This is good for mommy 😉

So yes, all you are getting is another use for leftover cranberry sauce.  Sorry, I’ll stop now.  Except that I am planning to repurpose this stuff into some tasty burgers over the weekend.  So you may see that recipe next week, if it turns out well.  Then I’ll remind you about these recipes repeatedly just after Thanksgiving, because that is what we food bloggers do.

Speaking of after Thanksgiving, I bet this Creamy Cranberry Dijon Dipping Sauce would be the perfect spread for a leftovers sandwich.  We had it with some baked honey nut chicken fingers that I am still tweaking for you (totally delicious, but a lot of the coating fell off), and sweet potato oven fries, along with the Cranberry Balsamic Ketchup from Tuesday.  See, finger foods and dips can be healthy!

Creamy Cranberry Dijon Dipping Sauce | Cupcakes  Kale Chips 2013 | 1 sq wm


How are you all faring this winter?  Staying healthy or fighting off germs left and right?

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Creamy Cranberry Dijon Dipping Sauce
A creamy, slightly sweet, slightly tangy dipping sauce for chicken tenders, veggies, sweet potato fries, or even a yummy spread for sandwiches.
Recipe type: Dip, Spread
  • ½ c leftover cranberry sauce
  • ¼ c Greek yogurt (I used 0% Chobani)
  • ¼ c mayonnaise (I used light mayonnaise)
  • ¼ c Dijon mustard
  • ¼ t kosher salt
  1. Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and stir until evenly mixed.





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  1. says

    Love this easy healthy yummy dip. I love combining fruit with yogurt so this will be a win in my home ! Bet the mustard gives it a kick ! I will be trying this ! Those fries look yummy too :) !

  2. says

    My kids are similar to Bug and never showed the typical symptoms of horrible ear infections. Luckily they rarely get them. Knock wood. We are staying pretty healthy. Hope you all do too with the bad bouts of flu breaking out everywhere. sheesh.

    PS…I love the idea of this recipe for burgers and leftover turkey sandwiches! NOTED for sure! Hoep Bug gets well soon!

    • says

      Hope you all continue to stay healthy. We got out flu shots here, especially since I am pregnant, but also because if I don’t, I ALWAYS ge thte flu. I am trying the burgers tonight, flavoring them with cranberry balsamic ketchup and topping with this sauce.

  3. Lizzie says

    I just made this in my little food processor because our cranberry sauce was majorly chunky. Plan to use it tonight with lamb burgers to switch out from yesterday’s grilled turkey. Thanks for the inspiration.

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