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Bloglovin?!  What the heck is Bloglovin, and why are so many bloggers talking about it lately?!  Well, if you like reading blogs, it is a great way to follow your favorties, read them, and keep track of who you are following and what you’ve read.  More on this later.

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Well, let’s just start out by saying that Social Media is how we bloggers get our names out there – how we share our recipes or crafts or ideas or thought, how we make new blogging friends, how we connect with readers and other non-blogging friends.  Each platform has its own benefits and drawbacks, and lately some are making it more and more difficult for we bloggers to reach you.  Sure we know these companies want to make money.  But to do that, they want to charge us for products and services.  And trust me, very few bloggers are making enough money to really warrant paying fees to promote our posts, and other stuff like that.

So I just wanted to write this short post to just make sure you all know all the ways you can follow me so that you can pick and choose based on what you want to see and how you’d like to interact with me and my little Cupcakes & Kale Chips family.  Just click on the link if you want to follow me on that social media platform.

The Blog – Come to my homepage and you’ll see my most recent posts, on the left you’ll see a search box and a dropdown menu with my posts organized by month.  At the top of the page there is a menu, and I plan to get this better organized.  And I LOOOVVVEE comments, so I’d love to hear from you if you like a post, have a question, or any of that.  I respond to everything, even if it is a simple thank you – I read them ALL.

Email – If you want to make sure you see all of MY new posts and recipes, and don’t care about whether I share others’ recipe, the most surefire way is to have Cupcakes & Kale Chips delivered to your Inbox.  Just enter your email in the box on the left.

Facebook – I’ve been on Facebook since well before I started blogging, so it is where I am most comfortable.  On my Facebook blog page, I share all of my blog posts, great things I find on other blogs, personal photos, ask questions and try to generate some random, sometimes serious, sometimes silly discussions.  I love it.  Problem is, it doesn’t love bloggers, so even though I have over 6000 fans, only a fraction see what I post.  So what can you do?  Follow me, then Like, Comment, and Share on my posts.  Also make sure your options are set to show me in your News Feed.  They are always changing how you do this, so I’m not going to add my old pictorial.  Just keep an eye around Facebook and someone is sharing how to do this.

Twitter – As you can probably tell by my writing style, 140 characters doesn’t suit me.  But if you love Twitter, all of my Facebook statuses get shared there, so if you respond, I’ll be happy to strike up a conversation.  But this is also a good place to see what many of my bloggy friends are up to, because I share lots of posts and pins.  So if a title catches your eye, click on it to check it out.  And let me and that blogger know what you think.  Which brings me to…

Pinterest – So many of us are visual people, so everyone is loving Pinterest, including me.  I pin my own recipes, recipes from others, craft ideas, blogging tips, photography tips, party ideas.  Follow me and I promise, you’ll see TONS of great stuff.

Google+ – This is the new kid on the block.  I am feeling my way around Google+, but if you are on it or interested, go check it out.  It is gradually becoming the new Facebook.  “Plussing” equals liking, and you can still comment and share, you can organize who you follow in Circles, so it is easy to sort and see what you want to see, join Communities that discuss common interests.  Check it out and see what you think.

Bloglovin – If you are a blogger or read a lot of blogs, you probably follow their RSS feeds through a Reader, the most common being the Google Reader.  Well, Google Reader is going to disappear in a few months, so Bloglovin seems to be where many bloggers are heading.  There are other readers out there, and if I find something I like better, I’ll let you know.  But for now, I am going to try out Bloglovin, because it has been highly recommended, and apparently you can easily import your current Google Reader subscription list.

Instagram  – I am not as avid of an Instagrammer as some folks, but it is super fun, and gives you an immediate view of what I am up to.  Mainly it is pictres of my kids and my food, but it can be anything, and it is just fun.

StumbleUpon – OK, this one is weird to me.  I Stumble my posts, and some of my friends, but I a not big into it.  But if you are, then go ahead and follow me, and Like my posts.  Any exposure helps me out 😉

If you have any questions, let me know.


Want to see lots more yummy food from me and my friends, and cute pictures of my kids?

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Want to see lots more yummy food from me and my friends, and cute pictures of my kids? 

Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Pinterest | Bloglovin | Instagram | StumbleUpon

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