Blueberry & Grilled Peach Quinoa Parfaits

Here in my home state of New Jersey, the store shelves are overflowing with local blueberries and peaches. They are a perfect combination in this healthy snack that is also nutritious enough for breakfast, but still sweet and satisfying for a dessert. Make the most of late summer fruit in these Blueberry & Grilled Peach Quinoa Parfaits.

Blueberry & Grilled Peach Quinoa Parfaits

Blueberry & Grilled Peach Quinoa Parfaits - a healthy breakfast, snack or dessert! | | #glutenfree #greekyogurt

You guyssssss! This is insane. Guess what! I’m moving! And those aren’t “Yay, I’m super excited, this is gonna be awesome” exclamation points. They are “OMG, I am so freaked out” exclamation points. I mean, I think in the long run it is gonna be pretty cool, but when I tell you I am a Jersey girl, I mean it. More specifically I am a Somerset County girl. I have literally lived within a twelve mile radius my entire life. I’ve moved twice, one of those times being when I got married, so like, there was no house-hunting or anything involved, and I gradually just started bringing stuff over in the months leading up to our wedding.

And now I’m going to be moving to an entirely different state. In one fell swoop. With movers. Like people who are gonna touch and pack MY STUFF. I literally cannot process this.

I am still trying to wrap my brain around the whole idea of having to figure out where Target is, what’s the best grocery store, is there a good gym nearby, what’s the most direct route to get to my mom’s or, you know, like, back to New Jersey. What church am I gonna go to? Who is a good pediatrician? Because, seriously, my kids go to the same practice that my sister and I went to. I don’t know how to figure these things out!

And this is all AFTER we find a town and a house to live in. I still haven’t even seen the area we are going to be moving to. I’m running on faith.

The Hubby is trying to be understanding. I mean, this is kind of a big deal for him, too – it’s a new job, we have made this house, which he had bought back in his bachelor days solely as an investment, into our home, and he has lived here longer than he lived anywhere in his life. But, well, he has lived here longer than he lived anywhere in his life. Meaning, moving was something he and his family did fairly regularly, since his dad was in the Navy. Pennsylvania to Florida to Pennsylvania to South Carolina, back to Pennsylvania for college while his parents were still in South Carolina, Delaware, New Jersey. He doesn’t fully grasp how traumatic this is for me.


Maybe I’ll just have to comfort myself by eating lots and lots of ice cream these healthy treats that feature my favorite New Jersey fruits…

Blueberry & Grilled Peach Quinoa Parfaits - a healthy breakfast, snack or dessert! | | #glutenfree #greekyogurt

For these Blueberry & Grilled Peach Quinoa Parfaits, I briefly grilled the peaches to enhance the natural sweetness with a little caramelization, and to contrast the pop of the fresh blueberries. You could roast the peaches, or if they are very ripe and juicy, just chop them up as-is without any grilling or roasting, and toss them in.

Blueberry & Grilled Peach Quinoa Parfaits - a healthy breakfast, snack or dessert! | | #glutenfree #greekyogurt

These parfaits are super versatile. Of course you can change up the fruit. I went with vanilla Greek yogurt and a bit of maple syrup plus a few pecans because I just adore maple, pecans, and blueberry together. But you could use plain yogurt or even your favorite fruit flavor, a bit of honey or agave, and walnuts or almonds instead of pecans (or leave them off altogether if you have a nut allergy).

Blueberry & Grilled Peach Quinoa Parfaits - a healthy breakfast, snack or dessert! | | #glutenfree #greekyogurt

Breakfast, snack or dessert – The Bug, King Stuff and I enjoyed them for all three!

Blueberry & Grilled Peach Quinoa Parfaits - a healthy breakfast, snack or dessert! | | #glutenfree #greekyogurt

Do you have any tips or words of advice as we embark on this big move?

I hope you will take advantage of the late summer harvest and head on over to CherylStyle for the recipe to make these fabulous little parfaits!

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Blueberry & Grilled Peach Quinoa Parfaits - a healthy breakfast, snack or dessert! | | #glutenfree #greekyogurt

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  1. says

    Congrats to your move, it must be difficult and I would be freaked out too. It’s never easy…
    But I guess that with your refreshing parfait I would make it all relaxed if I was wearing your shoes. Looks great too!

  2. says

    Oh wow, this parfait looks awesome! I love the blueberry and peach combo ^.^ I hope your move goes well! I’ve never been in that situation, as a kid my family moved are around a lot so I’m more on your Husband’s side. Good Luck!

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