Buffalo Bacon Blue Dip


First it is Back to School with no time to cook, so many folks resort to fast food, then we roll into Halloween candy and Thanksgiving, well, umm, everything (mmm, pie).  Next December rolls around, and fuhgeddaboutit (I’m from Jersey, I can use that phrase).  January arrives and we are all just getting our healthy… 

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Friday Fun! 1-25-13


So folks, I am almost 32 weeks pregnant, and feeling it.  Not sleeping well at night and just utterly exhausted and feeling kinda, well, cumbersome.  I still have a lot to do to get ready for baby, and get the blog ready for “maternity leave”. So between that and Facebook driving me batty, Foodie Faves… 

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Mama Mondays – Vegetable “Flu Buster” Soup for #RecipeRedux


Are you sick of being sick yet?  Or sick of your kids being sick?  I am.  Let’s see – pink eye, cold and ear infection, another cold and ear infection, pinkeye, double ear infection, cold again.  Yeah, I am pretty much over it.  It has definitely been a soup-y kind of winter.  Especially a soup… 

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Friday Fun! 1-18-13

You guys have all been super-supportive during an extremely frustrating week for me.  For those that don’t know, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. First of all, I got some pretty poor nutrition advice from the nutritionist, and the eating plan really does not jive with some of my pre-existing tummy troubles.  But, since this… 

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Banana Nut Bread Granola Bars – January #ImprovChallenge (#glutenfree)


“Daddy, are you hungry?”  “Yes, I am hungry.”  “Are you gonna have a baaaarrr?”  “Yes, I am going to have a bar.”  “Can I have some?”  “Yes, I’ll save you a bite.”  “Can I have the one with chocolate?”  Ugh!!

Browned Butter Whipped Butternut Squash


I think this recipe has what everyone is looking for, especially as we start a new year, look to be a little less busy, and try to “detox” a bit from all of the holiday indulgence – quick and easy, but still all fancy shmancy; light and healthy, but still tastes rich; savory and herbaceous,… 

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Lightened Up Slow Cooker Indian Butter Chicken from The Meltaways for #SundaySupper


Happy Birthday #SundaySupper!!  What better way to celebrate than with a crockpot full of flavorful, slightly spicy chicken?!  Go ahead, stick a candle in it… Kidding!  Totally kidding!

Friday Fun! 1-11-13


Oh boy, has it been a week.  But I have whined about it enough.  Let’s just get on with this, so you don’t have to listen to me ;-)  Love you guys! Last week, the five most popular recipes were: #5 – Paul’s Make the Whole Crew Happy (Turkey) Sausage Meatballs with Red Gravy #4… 

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#GlutenFree Golden Fudge Cake for #SundaySupper Recipe #BucketList


Layers of yellow butter cake alternated with thick, fudgy buttercream frosting.  So good that you’ll never know it’s a Gluten Free Golden Fudge Cake! Do you have a Bucket List?  You know, a compilation of things you simply have to do and see and accomplish during your life.  How about a Recipe Bucket List?  I… 

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What’s in the Lunchbox Wednesday (Top 10 Salads for Healthy New Year Lunches) – 1-2-13


Obviously, with winter break and all, I haven’t packed lunch in awhile.  So for this week’s “What’s In the Lunchbox Wednesday”, I though I’d share the Top 10 Salad Recipes I posted I 2012, for healthy lunch inspiration for all of us as we detox from the holiday excess.  I used to bring lunch to… 

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