Oscar Night Dinner for My Four Leading Men – Crockpot Beef Pot Roast with Mushrooms “Sorta-coto”


Yum It’s the same thing every year.  I always want to watch the Oscars to see all of the fabulous dresses and hairstyles, and the incredible jewelry, and my current celebrity crush (right now, I’ll take the Ryans – Gosling and Reynolds) in a tux.   In college, actually, for pretty much any awards show,… 

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Parmesan Balsamic-Caramelized Onion Smashed Potatoes and Sunday Dinners

Yum When I was a kid, Sundays always went the same way.  I got dressed in my Sunday best, which, much to my displeasure, usually involved tights and patent leather Mary Janes.  Then we were off to church at 9am, followed by an Entenmann’s chocolate frosted mini-donut from the church basement and a ride across… 

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Of Lent and Leftovers (Mango Avocado Salsa Recipe)

Yum I was raised Byzantine Catholic. It is pretty much like being Roman Catholic, but not really.  I could explain further, but I really don’t intend to use my blog for theology lessons.  But for us, Lent starts on Monday, not Ash Wednesday.  We don’t even really acknowledge Ash Wednesday.  I remember the first time… 

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Salad with Beets, Chickpeas, Cucumbers and Blue Cheese

Salad with Beets Chickpeas Cucumbers and Blue Cheese side

Yum A simple lunchtime salad with lots of color, flavor and texture, it takes no time to whip up this Salad with Beets, Chickpeas, Cucumbers and Blue Cheese. Salad with Beets, Chickpeas, Cucumbers and Blue Cheese The other day I happened to read two things that made me think about the way I eat.  The… 

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Hello everyone!

Me & The Bug Strawberry Picking

Yum Hi!  My name is Brianne, and I am a Chemical Engineer-turned-stay-at-home-mom/wannabe-pastry-chef-and-wedding-planner with a meticulous, perfectionist nature and a huge fear of failure.  Somehow this all kinda makes sense to me.  But, alas, I also have a toddler, a mortgage, a wheat allergy, high cholesterol (clearly I am blessed by the genetic gods), and not… 

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